Presidents ramble


At tonight's meeting, the last meeting as President of the club, we welcomed members. With many members away enjoying themselves, Noel, David, Ian ...... we set about finalising preparations for Friday nights changeover dinner and also our meeting following, 8th July.  Next Monday (1st July) there will  not be a club meeting in lieu of the change over night. Monday, 8th July, in Charlie's absence, Glenn has organised a working bee which is the main topic of discussion and organisation.  A board meeting followed the Club meeting. 

Thank you to Frank for arranging two BBQ's through the week - successful events raising funds for Rotary.  Also to Bob and his bar team raising more funds through providing the bar service for the Bendigo South change over dinner.

Details on the working bee as follows, for 5pm start

Task: Jill & Phil Clean office: vacuum, archive, arrange files

Roger & Colin: Shipping container: hole in one mats, balls, etc. Archive boxes, security

Glenn & Peter T: Bar clean out: stock - grog, glasses. Storage

Bob W: Gardens north around shipping containers, north of creek

Glenn & Judy: Gardens - south: weeding/bark, trim trees, south creek

Kaylyn & Janet: kitchen, stock of plates etc, detailed clean, ovens - clean & serviceability check

Kaylyn & Janet: stencil furniture


Club Service Chair: Glenn Ludeman

Program: Glenn

Sergeant: Roger & Jill

Bar: Bob Mathrick, Trevor, Noel

Attendance: Rob Haughton

Bulletin: Judy, Liz

Vocational Peter Taylor - Assisting Janet, Kaylyn, Geoff, David

Youth Liz Durr. Assisting Charlie, Bob, Adam

International Trevor Kuhl. Assisting Colin, Ian, Peter Spurling

Foundation Peter Taylor - Assisting Kaylyn, Geoff, Peter S

Community Roger McKellar. Assisting Janet. BBQ's Frank, Phil S & Noel, Adam

Function Centre Phil Symons. Assisting Jill, Bruce, David

President Charlie Bovalino

Vice President Jill Barker

President Elect Bob Wiseman

Secretary Rob Haughton

Treasurer Bob Wiseman

Swap Meet:  Colin, Ian, Rob, Bruce

Hole in One: Glenn, Roger, Adam, Colin, Noel, Bob M, Peter Spurling

Trivia Night: Peter, Judy, Jill, Deb

With some members absent we took the opportunity to slot them into a position. 

Charlie has the change over sorted and expecting a fantastic night.

Thank you to everyone, throughout the year, for their support - it is greatly appreciated.  To Charlie, have a wonderful year as I look forward to holding the feather duster and taking a back seat.

Yours in Rotary

Almost Past President, Jill Barker