PP  Bruce conducted the usual toasts to RI and Australia,  welcomed members and  introduced PP Charlie who chaired the meeting.
Charlie advised that it would be a short meeting due to the need for a Board meeting following recent resignation of P/E Tim McCrohan.
All members were invited to the Board meeting as the business included selection of a new President Elect 
      Liz Bannon, Bob Mathrick, Frank Nott, Kaylyn Journeaux,  Rob Haughton, , David Rathbone, Bob Wiseman, Peter Hull, Colin Clark, Phil Symons,
PP Judy  circulated BBQ Roster list which has a lot of spaces to be filled so please help if you can. It is not expected nor sensible to expect anyone working full time to take time off paid work to assist at weekday events, so please do not feel guilty if you are in this category. Please let Judy know if you can fill a space on the roster.
Foundation Chair Peter  advised of a working bee at 10 am Sunday 7 May to rejuvenate the rose garden and requested assistance from anyone available.
3 May   2017       Poyser BBQ Epsom  Bob W., Roger, Angelina, Mary.
8 May  2017        District 9800 Foundation Grants Seminar here.
11 May  2017       Poyser BBQ High St. Bob W., Roger, Mary, Judy
15 May  2017       Guest Speaker Sue Bourke, Liaison Officer Freedom Aged Care.
19 May 2017       Tafe BBQ             BOB W.. Roger, Bruce? Judy emergency.
22 May 2017        Tour Of New Hospital 5 pm. Dinner at Rising Sun after.
27 May 2017        Bunnings BBQ  AM  Denis, Trevor, Phil  (Saturday)
                                                            PM  Ian, Judy, Charlie, Mary.
7 June  2017        Poyser BBQ Epsom  Bob W,. Roger, Mary.
8 June  2017        Poyser BBQ High St. Bob W., Roger, Mary
3 June 2017         BUFS BBQ                   Team TBA  (This is a Saturday}
7 June 2017         Poyser BBQ Epsom    Bob W., Roger ??
8 June 2017         Poyser BBQ High St.   Bob W., Roger ??
15 June 2017       Tafe BBQ                       Bob W. Judy,  ??
30 June 2017       Bunnings BBQ    AM  Denis ??????
                                                                PM   ???????
This was won. Congrats to Bruce McClure who outwitted Charlie and drew the joker. Well done Bruce.
The meeting closed at 7.40 pm. ( Board meeting after.)