Club Service Chair Charlie welcomed members and guest Chris Wiseman, Following the usual toasts and grace new President Jennie Barnes was introduced and welcomed warmly.
President Jennie's Topics
Changeover Dinner. Jennie thanked all involved for their assistance in making this event a great  success and advised that $425 was raised for  the Rotary Foundation.
Members were advised that a calendar will be available in the office (and at meetings) for all to see upcoming events and to add events as required.
Bendigo Strathdale is having a Fundraiser for MEC Project. Gina Hogan concert July 31st.
Brenton Johnson has provided details of the "Big Give" - a new joint fundraising event through Community Foundation for Central Victoria..
Our constitution is required to be updated this year in accordance with RI instruction.
All members are encouraged to register on MyRotary and to use the site to keep up with club matters and update personal details.
RI has amended guidelines so that clubs can vary attendance rules  to suit local needs subject to certain criteria - new members no longer have to pay admission fees and clubs need only meet twice per month as a minimum. Further discussion will take place next week prior to Board Meeting.
Directors' Reports. 
Foundation Chair Peter reported on the upcoming Rotary District 9800 Foundation Grants Seminar to be held in Bendigo at our venue on Monday 01  August. as many members as possible are urged to attend. Please advise Peter if you can attend.
Protection Officer Trevor Kuhle reported on tremendous success of recent family fun day organised by Bendigo City with our club's assistance. Over 500 attended and our BBQ operators were kept well occupied.
Club Service chair Charlie Bovalino  advised of availability of an electric wheelchair and some discussion ensued on the possibility of the our club being involved in a "library" of such equipment in the community.
Club Secretary Denis Gallagher advised of thank you letters and receipts from Victorian Cancer Council for our $300 donation and Shelter Aid for our $4000 donation.
Club Forum Discussion
President Jennie stated some of her goals for the year,i.e. Gifting the RI Foundation $6000,gain 6 new members and ensure our club is a happy "good fellowship" place.
Continue with ROADEC young driver education project.
Consider review of charges and inclusion of older drivers.
Function Centre Manager Phil Symons requested to organise bollards to protect BBQ area gates and extra lighting at front and bin area at rear.
Tafe BBQ
Bob Wiseman advised of date change to 21 July. Please note NOT 14 July.
Meeting Closed at 8 pm