VP Alison conducted the usual toasts to RI and Australia and welcomed members and guests. Alison then proceeded to chair the meeting.
  Jennie Barnes,  Bob Mathrick,, Rob Haughton, Tim McCrowan, Judy Kidman,
  • Tim and Abbey composing Facebook page for Hole in One,
  • Judy coming up with great ideas for vouchers.
  • Don't forget we need microphone (Phil)
  • Great to see over 1100 views of facebook  page in a few days.
  • VP Alison and PE Tim joined President Jennie at local Somerset Tas meeting via scype.
  • Please notify Jenny of attendance for Christmas meeting 19 December
  • Look at how we run BBQ's. Team captains ? New lighter BBQ trailer needed. Credit card for BBQ purchases? Need to have a meeting devoted to BBQ management?  .
  • Don't forget to register for Shepparton District Conference !!!  Accommodation  getting scarce.
  • Trevor advised Liquor Licence application about to be lodged.
Foundation chair Peter spoke on the centenary of the Rotary Foundation which was started with a meagre $26.50 and now totals billions. In recognition of this all were invited to make a special donation of $26.50 in envelopes provided. Please return envelopes by end of February.
Secretary Denis reported on progress of key register and requested all to advise what keys they held etc.
Youth Chair Roger advised one student has withdrawn but meeting with parents of remaining Geelong Science student in December. Rodec project will be conducted in January with help from Colin and Judy. Cost of $135 per student to be shared equally between club and parents.
Function Centre Chair Phil reported on vandalism to centre window. Reported to Police. Seeking COGB to repair window. Also chasing Telstra re phone and internet connection. Roses need pruning ( thanks to Peter S. and Mary who volunteered) Need arrangement for ongoing garden maintenance. No joy with Amicus yet. Bob W. and Phil negotiating ??
Community Chair Peter advised of his efforts in procuring guest speakers. This resulted in suggestions of potential speakers from several members.
Club Service Chair Charlie thanked those who assisted with the Tram BBQ. He will also  seek publicity for "hole in one" per his contacts at 3BO.
BBQ and Bar Manager Bob W. reminded us of Board's decision to charge a minimum of $300 for BBQ's. Will liaise with Denis to write to Poyser's re increased charge. Also raised recent request for Harvey Norman BBQ on Saturday. After discussion, the club resolved not to do this BBQ.
Treasurer Colin reported $200 cheque sent to Big Hill Prmary school to assist their students on China Study Tour.
Rosters for up coming BBQ's as listed on agenda were noted.
List of persons available to "stand in" if we can't attend as rostered have been circulated. Remember if you can't make it get someone from the list to fill in.
This was  not conducted with enthusiasm with the proceeds going to "Lift the Lid on Mental Health",
19 Dec                Christmas Family Meeting
30 Dec.               Bunnings BBQ            AM   Alison, Tim, Judy.  PM David R., Colin, Charlie.
4 Jan   2017        Poyser BBQ Epsom   Mary, Roger, Bob W.
12 Jan  2017       Poyser BBQ High St.  Mary, Roger, Bob W.
January 2017 Long Weekend -Hole in One
27 Jan  2017       Bunnings BBQ            AM Denis, Judy, Bruce.  PM Colin, Ian, Bob M..
1 Feb     2017      Poyser BBQ Epsom   Roger, Bob W., Liz/David
9 Feb  2017        Poyser BBQ High St.  Mary, Roger, Bob W.
23 Feb 2017.        KFRC Night at The Trots ( includes meal etc )
28 Feb  2017       Jennie Visit. .( to be confirmed)
24 Feb 2017        Bunnings BBQ            AM   Tim. Denis, Alison.  PM  David R., Colin, Charlie.
30 Mar-1 April 17  District Conference Shepparton.
Function Centre Chair Phil advised that Jo has ceased operating this which has been very beneficial to our fundraising efforts. It involves one Saturday per month plus organising and taking bookings.. Discussion indicated that we were interested in taking this over ourselves. Toward this end Phil will contact Jo re lists of patrons etc. Some urgency is required as January has already been cancelled.
The meeting closed at 7.45 pm following the swindle,