Membership Chair Tim called us to attention and toasted Australia and Rotary international. PP Charlie opened the meeting and welcomed our guests, John Journeaux and Abbie Graham..
 President Jennie Barnes, Bob Wiseman, Frank Nott, Alison Brown, Peter and Glenn Taylor, Jill Barker.
Community Chair Hully advised of upcoming presentations-Carolyn from Alzeimers Australia and Daniel from the Autism Walk..Group. There is also a chance of one from recent Scouting trip funded by Rotary.
Function Centre Chair Phil advised of recurring problems with plumbing in hand and that repainting of lines in carpark is organised. Also maintenance on copiers scheduled so that secretary doesn't picket his mobile home  business.
Treasurer Colin requested members to pay their club fees ASAP.
International Chair Liz advised she is investigating  a sewing centre in Dili which can produce "Days  for Girls" kits at a reasonable price.
Youth Vocational Chair Roger reported that RODEC driving program scheduled for January 2017 and that two students will attend Geelong Science Seminar with sponsorship from our club.
Bar Chair Bob advised of possibility of possibility of arranging our own club beer with True Brew local Brewery. Ongoing investigation.
Club Service Chair Charlie reported that $3085 cheque handed over and that climbing equipment has been ordered thanks to the "Ride it For Kids" club program. Photos on Facebook. A further Ghost Motorbike ride is scheduled for Sunday 25th September.
Secretary Denis advised that preliminary discussions with McKean Park re revision of constitution reveal that substantial local input was required and that a sub committee is required. As a result Colin Clark, Ian Doak and Denis Gallagher were "volunteered" with option to co-opt Trevor Kuhle if legal questions arise.
Also requested members to notify Secretary and Peter Hull of upcoming events or proposed presentations
19 Sept.    Carolyn from Alzheimer Australia
23 Sept.    Bar required for CFA Trivia Night here.
25 Sept.    Ghost Ride "Ride it For Kids"
5   Oct.      Poysers BBQ.
29 Oct       BBQ Hargreaves Street Mall.
 Date TBA Daniel From Autism Walk Group.
 Date TBA Presentation on Rotary Sponsored Scout Trip.
Tim McCrohan organised a very compelling Rotary video on Mental health. This included input from Prof. Tony Joun (Melb. Uni), Ashley Argoon (Journo), Jeff Kennett (Beyond Blue) and Catie Kirke (Rotarian and Survivor of mental health problems.)
  • Mental illness is a most debilitating disease and carries a staggering economic cost.
  • Rotary Australia has resolved to devote three years to Mental Illness prevention.
  • Lift the Lid day has been declared on Friday 7th October 2016 as a fundraising day and all Rotary Clubs are invited to participate. This coincides with National Hat day. Clubs supplied with promotional material. Most successful Club will get significant recognition.
  • Aim is to fund doubling of research capacity.
  • Bunnings have offered desk in-store on 7th October to assist fundraising and several members volunteered to man it on the day. 
  • Mental  Illness starts young and can affect an entire life - needs research.
  • 1 in 2 will experience some degree of mental illness. 2854 suicides last year.
  • Stories every day about drug addiction and alcoholism and self harm. Depression is a symptom of these diseases which often results in the symptom (depression) being treated rather than the cause (addiction or alcoholism) There is of course "stand alone" depression.
  • Abuse as a youngster caused Bullemia , loss of self esteem, and other serious health issues.
  • All funds raised go to Rotary Health Research Fund. 100 %. Rotary keeps no money for admin.
After the video Peter, Liz and Mary shared very honestly about their experiences with depression. Everyone was deeply affected by the sincerity, honesty and courage shown by them in relating their stories.
It was decided that we should get collection tins with stickers around as many shops as possible.
Judy raised the possibility of bringing back the traditional fine session which used to raise about $2K per year. It was moved By Bruce McClure and Phil Symons that this be done and that proceeds go to support "Lift The Lid". This was carried unamimously.
So please get all the dirt you know to Tim or Charlie to assist the fine process!!
Tim joyfully announced that thanks to Mary's untiring efforts and including Serenity Mobile Homes sponsorship we we have raised over $10,000. This was greeted with appropriate applause.. Well done Mary (again!!). And we are still working on a major sponsor and we'll have the normal revenue from the Hole In One.We can promote the event with $7000 worth of prizes.
Mary certainly  has been busy. We have signed over 175 Certificates of Appreciation for sponsors and donors. Treasurer Colin is invoicing sponsors. The paint donors have offered to provide epoxy paint again for golf balls and Ian has over 300 golf balls at home ready to be coloured.
Some discussion was held as to how a kids' Hole in One could be run, ie putting on carpet or artificial turf into a cup and some ideas needed as to what kids' prizes could be being aware of possible allergies etc.
The meeting closed at 8.05 pm ( Much quicker without She who must be obeyed}