PE Tim conducted the usual toasts to RI and Australia and welcomed members and guests John Journeaux, Annette Pettersen and guest presenter Annette Robertson. He also welcomed President Jennie who joined us by videolink as she is working in Tasmania. He then introduced PP Judy Kidman who opened the meeting.
Judy entertained us with a powerpoint presentation showing past presidents and the major club achievements during their years. Later she produced an amusing game of "who am I". Our thanks to Rob, Kaylyn and Charlie who "volunteered" to be the bunnies. Rob Haughton amazed us by finding his inner woman and fairly quickly identified himself as Pauliine Hanson. Well done Rob.
Jennie expressed her excitement at being able to be present thanks to technology and her pleasure that PP's were being involved in opening the meeting in her physical absence. She also raised the following:
  • Wine event Friday 23 Sept at 7 pm at Bendigo Flying Club. $25 p.p.. Bgo -Strath Fundraiser. (Flyer Circulated)
  • Well done to Bob Wiseman. BBQ's have raised over $4ooo so far this year. Also congrats on new Poysers BBQ.
  • Don't forget community contribution possibility in financing new BBQ trailer.
  • Ghost bike rides for kids. Can we organise it so people can contribute on website?
  • Trying to get Chris  Wiseman for Facebook Tutorial on 3 October.
  • Next week having meeting on update and planning for Hole in One.
  • Don't forget 10 October- Open Forum prior to Board meeting.
  • DG Neville John has been in contact and expressed thanks for intro to Brenton Johnson . Neville wants him to speak nationally on membership and may even allow him to start his own club run on his guidelines. Neville also expressed his pleasure at our focus on membership and our being a pilot for technology.
  • The Special School is running a dance soon and needs funds for the band which has reduced its fee from $2000 to $700 for this special event. Jennie suggested that our club pay for the band, This was unanimously approved by a vote of all members present. 
Y0uth chair Roger . Two Crusoe students set for Geelong science seminar and RODEC will occur in January 2017
Bob Wiseman   sought volunteers to man the bar for event on 21 September. Also advised Poysers considering additional regular monthly BBQ. Roger and Bob will negotiate with them. Considering review of BBQ charges.
Rob Haughton advised that Breathalyser units have returned $120 recently and gratified to be told they have prevented some people over limit from driving. Still trying to relocate Windemere unit nearer major exit.
Marketing/Membership chair Tim reported that Bunnings K/Flat have given us the front foyer on 7 October for Mental Health fundraiser. Looking for roster to man table from 9am to 6pm.Also they have offered us omce a month BBQ on Fridays with a weekender once per year.
Bodyline have again donated epoxy paint for Hole in One golfballs except for one colour they do not stock but will supply at cost.
Tim has had discussions with KR Castlemaine who may be interested in sponsoring Hole in One or other fundraising activity.
Mary has been very busy and has gained a total of $11,500 for the hole in one. Fantastic effort. Well done Mary !!!!
Membership - two potential members look promising.
Function Centre Manager Phil  reported that the photocopiers are fully functional (Repaired Gratis). Well done Phil. Also he has got City Councillor onside in the matter of a bridge over the causeway. Lake was 2 metres on the gauge. Pictures of the recent flood flows helped the cause. 
Club Service chair Charlie advised that the Ghost Ride is now on website. May change from Saturday to Sunday. Donate $5 if you can't ride .Peter Brown is organising a special vest in red, blue, green and yellow with"Ride it for Kids" on the back. Thanks to Bob and Mary for running recent BBQ.
Treasurer Colin requested those with outstanding dues to pay ASAP.
Secretary Denis requested that he be advised of upcoming events for the Bulletin and that if you have a likely meeting presenter contact both Hully and him.
This was re introduced with enthusiasm with the proceeds going to "Lift the Lid on Mental Health".
Annette Robertson, a volunteer presenter from Alzheimers Australia provided us with a very informative and touching talk on Dementia. She added her personal story at the end telling of her husband's long battle with the disease. We felt this was an extremely courageous performance as her husband only passed six weeks ago.
  • Dementia is an umbrella term for several diseases including Alzheimers.
  • Progressive decline in cognitive ability and living skills caused by brain cells being damaged or destroyed.
  • No cure and no two persons are similarly effected.
  • 354000 Australians including 97000 Victorians are sufferers.
  • Over 100   causes of Dementia. Early diagnosis by specialist is crucial.
  • 1800 new cases per week. Over 900,000 sufferers by 2050 if no cure found.
  • 1.2 million people care for dementia patients. 1 in 10 people over 65 are sufferers and 3in 10 over 85.
  • Best support is respect and patience, speak slowly and clearly, include person in everyday activities.
  • Lots of support available. National Hotline 1800 100 500.
  • You too can be a member, volunteer or donate towards support and research.
Acting Sergeant Tim thanked Annette for her presentation and her courage and PP Judy presented her with a small token of appreciation.
Ian Doak gave us an update on arrangement between Rotary and local car club. Original arrangement was 10% of Rotary turnover. Local Club is being pressured by Victorian Federation for more money. They wanted 15% of our turnover which is 50% increase. We have agreed to 1 year at 13%. future is not clear.
21 and 23 Sept.  Bar needs to be manned for Functions
24/25 Sept.        Ghost Ride "Ride It For Kids".( Depends on
                             Weather which day is chosen)
26  Sept.              Hole in one- update and Planning.
                              Club discussion on Bunnings BBQ offer.
3    Oct                 Chris Wiseman - Facebook Tutorial if available.
                              Otherwise marketing.
5    Oct                 Poysers BBQ
7    Oct                 Bunnings K/Flat.  Fundraising table and
                              BBQ for "Lift The Lid on Mental Health".
24   Oct.               Daniel Giles "Autism Walk Talk" presentation.
29   Oct               BBQ Hargreaves Street Mall for Council.
31    Oct.              President Jennie will be here (Physically ).
                            Trans Bass visit.
The meeting closed at 8.10 pm.