P/P Bruce conducted the usual toasts to RI and Australia and welcomed members and guests Rebecca Conway and Mrs Conway, and Friend of Rotary Maggie Merigan.
   President Jennie Barnes, Bob Mathrick, Frank Nott, Bob Wiseman, Tim McCrohan,  Liz Durr.
Function Centre Chair Phil advised that he had requested Council to urgently assess the tree in the carpark which is dropping limbs. Sadly they attended to the wrong tree, but he has pointed this out and council is aware of their legal responsibility.
Bruce McClure has volunteered to approach VicRoads re the problem with turning into our carpark from the Calder (High Street)
Y0uth Chair Roger reported that RODEC program (New Driver Training Course) proceeding on April 5 and 6.  Liaising with Crusoe College and Weroona College where application forms and brochures will be distributed with help of teachers. Cost will be $70 KFRC and $70 families.
Treasurer Colin advised that he is preparing the roster for the Easter Hole in One and reminded us of our undertaking to support the Relay for Life walking event/fundraiser.
Service Chair Charlie advised of BBQ at COGB Tuesday 21st March. Bob and Lorna, Charlie, Dave, Denis and Hully are lined up. Job is to cook breakfast for 170 staff and club will receive $325. COGB supplying all food. We only have to cook.
Also Rides for Kids have ride planned for 23 April. Need people to cook breakfast here and to assist at Newbridge cooking lunch. There will also be Ghost Riders and raffle tickets are $2.00
Foundation Chair Peter advised that  District 9800 will be holding a foundation grants seminar here on 8th May 2017. He also reminded us of the $26.50 pledge to foundation from willing members to commemorate the foundation centenary.
Mary Stephens will be selling raffle tickets at the following locations and dates:
KMart  25/2 and 2/3,8/3,10/3,16/3.    9 to 5.
Strathdale IGA 18/3                                 9 to 5.
MarketPlace  17/3, 23/3, 24/3, 25/3, 26/3, 2/4, 9/4, 16/4.       9 to 5.
IGA Kangaroo Flat. 30/3, 31/3, 6/4, 7/4, 12/4.                             9 to 5.
Kennington Safeway  Mondays and Tuesdays until Easter  9 to 5.
If you can please drop in and say hello or stay a while whilst Mary has a break. Mary's phone 0457 176 142.
Also I'm told books of 20 will be available for anyone who can sell a few to help the cause.
As of tonight's meeting Mary has raised $4,004 and is aiming for $5,000 which is the legal limit.
Mary thanked Roger and others who had provided support to give her lunch/toilet breaks and would welcome more support.
Our attendee Rebecca Conway was introduced by youth chair Roger and gave us an informative presentation on the school well supported by videos and pictures. Items covered included the Freshwater Discovery Centre, Swan Bay Ecosystem, Water Testing, ( it was of interest that some of the cleanest looking samples contained the most toxins), St Leonards insects and bugs), Snorkelling and Canoeing. Aquaculture, Fisheries, Barwon Heads Rockpools, Rocky Shore fauna including starfish,  fish dissection, sea snail studies. Rebecca was given a certificate on completion of the course and during question time indicated that she could be swayed a little from her present career choice of physiotherapy. Roger thanked Rebecca for her presentation and presented her with a club banner, Well done Rebecca.
PP Ian reported that an agreement until 2020  acceptable to the swap meet committee had been made with the car club.
Don't forget the "Relay for Life" to be held on 25th March. Volunteers are needed
for walking team rotations. .
Registration for this very worthy project can be done online or through Lewis Adams at Next Generation.
This was  conducted with fitting hilarity.
                               Presentation Jenny Yates and Deb Hall "Their Self funded Cambodian School"
31 Mar 2017        Bunnings BBQ  . AM  Denis, Tim, Peter H.
                                                             PM  Tim, Charlie,Peter H.,
30 Mar-1 April 17  District Conference Shepparton.
3   Apr. 2017       No Meeting due to District Conference.
5   Apr. 2017       Poyser BBQ Epsom    Bob w., Roger, Mary.
13 Apr. 2017       Poyser BBQ  High St.  Bob W., Roger, Peter H.
10 Apr. 2017       Presentation By Mal and Maggie Butcher. DIG Kits In Thailand for Women and Girls.
14,15.16.17 April   Easter Hole In One
28 Apr. 2017       Bunnings BBQ  AM  Denis, Tim, Peter H.
                                                           PM  Tim, Colin, Peter H., Ian D.
8 May  2017        District 9800 Foundation Grants Seminar here.
The meeting closed at 7.50 pm following the swindle,