VP Alison conducted the usual toasts to RI and Australia and welcomed members and guests. 
  Charlie Bovalino, Bob Mathrick, Bob Wiseman
  • RAWCS NZ Earthquake appeal. District 9970 will reactivate fund as required. District 9800 has reserve funds but will not activate until requested.
  • Total Tools BBQ 23 November.
  • Cluster Foundation Dinner. RSVP to Peter Spurling by 18 N0v.
  • Jennie then handed over to PE Tim to conduct the rest of the meeting.
International  Chair Liz  gave a  report on  the Maubisse Friendship Club. The idea of  sponsorship of a university student studying nutrition at $1200 pa was raised. Our new lady mayor may take an interest in MFC.
Liz also advised she had ordered a new first-aid kit for the function centre, This led to discussion on need for training officer to record and increase members' qualifications such as first-aid, working with children, food handling etc. also the need for a defibrillator here  and appropriate training. Also the need to ensure fire extinguishers here and on our equipment are serviced and up to date. A special first-aid kit for the kitchen? Investigation of a provider for first -aid training will be done.
Foundation chair Peter stressed the importance of attending the cluster foundation dinner on 23 November at Bendigo Jockey club and made a plea for more members of our club to support this event. Currently only 4 KFRC attendees.
Community Chair Peter 
  • Guest speaker from Heart Foundation available- 40 mins plus 10 mins for questions.
  • Uniting Care- request for assistance and plastic bags.
  • Australian Rotary Health- seeking donations.
  • Bendigo Access Ministry- seeking funding assistance.
  • Santa Claus will be guest speaker in December.
Youth Chair Roger advised that  apprentice of the year Will  Beasy will be presented with his award next Monday. Also  two Crusoe students will attend the science Experience 16-18 January. Queenscliff RC providing accommodation. Meeting with parents in December.
Club Service Chair Charlie advised last week that Tram Depot BBQ on 4 December 11am to 2 pm is a goer and we are guaranteed a return of $300 for our efforts.
.Marketing chair Tim advised that he has had contact from potential new member. Also, thanks to Peter Hull, he has confirmation that Silk Day Spa will continue as a major sponsor of the Hole in One making total cash sponsorship $6,000.00. We are very grateful to our two major sponsors- Serenity Motor Homes and Silk Day  Spa. Also thanks to our many other sponsors who have donated vouchers and services as prizes on the day.
VP Alison advised that Nestle are sending 6 volunteers for the community meal this week.
President Jennie. Requested that we substitute a discussion of ideas for fundraising in lieu of the scheduled open forum. This was agreed to and below are the several ideas suggested.
  • BBQ Cookoff. TV series . Could we do it here?
  • Use the lake for racing numbered ducks. Lack of current could make it difficult.
  • Chiko Roll eating contest (they originated in Bendigo)
  • Approach local Member Lisa Chesters re $5K equipment grants- defibrillator, first-aid kits etc.
  • Community resource fund possibility for defibrillator?
  • Volley Ball sized pool balls for outside pool games
  • Car Boot sales
  • Children's art competition. Display say 2 days, Relatives and friends will pay to see entries etc
  • Function centre could be a venue for next blues and roots festival but we must have liquor licence
  • Display of racing cars here. Rushworth RC involved in local motor racing. Gary O'Brien here.
  • Motorbikes-show and shine, Local HD dealer in Kangaroo Flat.
  • Tattoo Show
  • Country and Western concert. Weather makes it risky if outdoors.
This was  not conducted with enthusiasm with the proceeds going to "Lift the Lid on Mental Health", but we did manage the swindle.
22 Nov                Foundation Dinner Echuca.
23 Nov                Foundation Dinner at Jockeys Club AND Alltools
25 Nov                Bunnings BBQ
28 Nov                AGM
4  Dec                 Trams BBQ
7  Dec                 Poyser BBQ Epsom
8 Dec                  Poyser BBQ High St.
19 Dec                Christmas Family Meeting
30 Dec.               Bunnings BBQ
4 Jan   2017        Poyser BBQ Epsom
12 Jan  2017       Poyser BBQ High St.
January 2017 Long Weekend -Hole in One
27 Jan  2017       Bunnings BBQ
1 Feb     2017      Poyser BBQ Epsom
9 Feb  2017        Poyser BBQ High St.
9  Feb 2017.        KFRC Night at The Trots ( includes meal etc )
13 Feb  2017       Jennie Visit. Partner Valentine Meeting.
24 Feb 2017        Bunnings BBQ
30 Mar-1 April 17  District Conference Shepparton.
The meeting closed at 8.00 pm following the swindle.