Marketing Chair Tim opened our meeting and after conducting toasts to Australia and Rotary welcomed us and our guests- Norm Bowen and partner Marilyn, Abbie Graham (meals volunteer), Vi  Rumcion, Daryl Ricker, John Cannon (Bgo-S/hurst RC) and John Journeaux.
Phil Symons, Colin Clark, David Rathbone and Bruce McClure.
Club Service Chair Charlie presented the above award to a very worthy recipient in Norm Bowen. Norm has served as a volunteer CFA member for 62 years since joining at the tender age of 14 - a very formidable record of service to our community. Norm was involved in many major and tragic fires including Ash Wednesday and Black Saturday. As we all should be aware CFA volunteers along with SES are often involved in clearing many traumatic road accidents as well as the fires.
Norm was largely responsible for the formation of the nationally accredited "peers" program which has been a life saving means of intervention for firemen traumatised by their often very gruesome experiences. As a result of the gaining of national  accreditation other states followed the CFA's lead in adopting this program which enabled firemen to talk to others who had suffered similarly about their traumas or problems. As many CFA firemen in rural areas are farmers they are also subject to stresses caused by drought etc. Prior to this initiative there were many suicides in one area which suffered a 12  year drought but none since this program has been activated,
Experience has shown that trauma from the 1983 Ash Wednesday fires was still affecting firemen because there was no such program existing back then. However "Peers" has been effective in these cases.
New Zealand adopted this program after the major Christchurch earthquakes. It is interesting to note they originally proposed to run it for 2 years but it is still necessary after 10 years.
There are now 180 Peers in Victoria who contributed over 3,500 volunteer hours last year.
Norm's sincerity and humility were apparent in his acceptance speech and we learned a lot about this program and the need for it. Our Club's award also carries a $500 donation to a charity of the awardee's choice and Norm had no hesitation in nominating the Royal children's Hospital. We were very pleased with our choice of KFRC Citizen of The Year.
KFRC Citizen of the year Norm Bowen receiving the
Award from Club Service Chair Charlie Bovalino
President Jennie Congratulated Norm warmly on his award and noted it was very well deserved.
Consultation with Phil Symons has indicated our laptop may be inadequate to allow video conferencing but further advice being sought from Glenn Ludeman.
Her work in Burnie Tasmania starts on 12th September. However Jennie has her employer's consent to having Mondays and Tuesdays off every second month so she will be able to visit us every 8 weeks. Her last meeting prior to departure will be 12th September.
Jennie Introduced John Cannon from Bgo-S/Hurst RC who advised that his club was having a presentation from Missionary/ Welfare provider Anne Carey. Anne has worked 20 years in New Guinea, Sudan, and on the Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone. She won the 2015 Pride Of Australia Care and Compassion award and was Western Australian Citizen of the Year. Presentation will be 31 August at Tafe, 136 McCrae St. Cost is $22. Turn up about 7.15 AM.  
Community Service Chair Peter Hull confirmed the Becky Johns Kidney Research presentation on 29 August.
International Service chair Liz Durr reported she was able to get 170 kits for girls to students at Timor girls' school .and thanks to Sister's translating ability managed to give a talk on sexual health to the students. Hoping to get kits to hospital and immunisation clinic next year.   Container transport of kits etc went well.
Club Protection Officer Trevor Kuhle advised that  all licence documentation back to him. Licence issue at least 2-3 weeks away.
Club Service Chair Charlie Bovalino advised cheque for rehab unit to  Gary Hansen and discussing possible monthly ghost ride with Browny.
Foundation Chair Peter Spurling advised having discussions with Echuca RC counterpart re launching a Rotary peace scholar this year. This provides a 2 year scholarship to attend Swedish university.
Vocational Service chair Roger advised second interview with students from Crusoe College to attend science  pr0gram
conducted. Shortlisted 4 from which 2 will be chosen.  Geelong forum is preferred January 2017.
Jennie advised of Leukemia Foundation "Light the Night" proposal. Information was available from her to interested parties.
Tim McCrohan  congratulated Kaylyn and John Journeaux on their son's acceptance into the Police Force and his Dux of school achievement.
Liz Durr enlightened the meeting on her "Kits for Girls" program. This scheme provides reusable  menstrual hygiene kits to girls in remote areas. Whilst conventional products such as we use in Australia are available they are very expensive and in reality not available to girls due to their lack of cash. Therefore they tend to use anything available which often results  in pelvic inflammatory disease which could result in infertility. Infertile women are not highly regarded in these societies. In addition women are often ostracised or locked away and sometimes not even given sustenance during their period. Lack of menstrual hygiene products often results  in menstruating girls being absent from school and this can mean loss of 6 months school in 3 years. Kits can allow school attendance.
Liz buys materials and organises sewing. The program is well supported by this club. As sewing must be very precise. quilters are best.
Liz attempts to get batches of at least 200 over there by container. Program is an International one.
Jennie thanked Liz for her presentation.
      29 August. The Becky Johns Kidney Research Discovery Trust
       5  September. Facebook Capabilities by Chris Wiseman.
       7  September Poyser's BBQ
      12  September  Lift The Lid On Mental Health  
       We need to fit Tim's marketing video in ASAP.
The Meeting closed at 7,55 pm.