P/E Tim conducted the usual toasts to RI and Australia and welcomed members and guests. Peter then introduced President Jennie.
    Bob Mathrick,,  Liz Durr, Frank Nott, Peter Hull, Kaylyn Journeux, Alison Brown.
As this was an informal meeting/working Bee to prepare for the Hole in One event on 26th,27th,and 28th January President Jennie joined us for a short time and thanked all those who had done so much work in preparation work for this event
.Youth Chair Roger reported that  Rebecca Conway last week attended the Conoco Phllips Science Experience at Queenscliff. Roger requested that a letter be sent to P/P Kevin and Caroline Carey of Queenscliff Rotary expressing our gratitude for their hosting of Rebecca for the three days.   .
At last meetingP/E Tim advised:
  • Marketing and membership is on facebook.
  • Retaining wall will not be done for January hole in one as Bob M is away.
  • Judy has organised free golf ball tickets for each of our sponsors.
  • Thank you to Mary for Commonwealth Bank tee sponsorship.
  • Signs to go up tonight.
  • Council to look at signs for traffic flow.
  • Charlie to follow up advertising on 3BO.
  • Prize for nearest the pin to be given each day if there is no hole in one.
  • Painting to be the big raffle prize for Easter event.and the printer for Australia day.
  • Working Bee Saturday 21st at 9am and also Monday 23rd in lieu of meeting but there will be a serve yourself meal monday
  • Major setup on Wednesday 25th  afternoon.
There was some discussion re conduct of the event and preparations. DON'T FORGET WORKING BEE TO COMPLETE SETUP  AFTERNOON OF THIS WEDNESDAY 25TH. It is understood that those in full time employment cannot be expected to take time off to do volunteer work.
Judy Kidman reported:
  • Complimentary tickets delivered.
  • Abbotts have donated two beautiful toolboxes.
  • CBA have donated a box of umbrellas
  • Sufficient prizes for daily nearest the pin major prize  if no hole in one occurring on that day.
  • Judy and Mary setting out daily prizes on tables
Captains need to keep contact details for nearest the pin candidates to allow prize if relevant to be given to them.
Tim and Charlie putting out approach signs 8am Thursday 26th morning.
Raffle (Printer) to be drawn end of play Saturday.
Roger digging out ball tickets from container.
Ian Doak volunteered to replace Mary at Poyser's special BBQ to allow her to set out prizes. Thank you Ian.
Sincere thanks expressed to Mary Stevens who will attend every day and provide sandwiches at her expense to all volunteers.
Ian confirmed that trots night will be Thursday 23 February, 6.30 pm start. Cost has increased to $45 per person includes 2 course meal and race book. Phone Ian on 0417 043 676 if you wish to attend.
Ian also advised of upcoming swap meet meeting and negotiations with car club and sought some indication from the club as to which way we feel is the right way to proceed.
Rosters for up coming BBQ's as listed on agenda were noted.
List of persons available to "stand in" if we can't attend as rostered have been circulated. Remember if you can't make it get someone from the list to fill in.
Bob Wiseman graciously coached a member of Friday's Bunnings BBQ team and provided list of items and goods required. Hopefully this will allow team members to do all the preparations and give Bob a rest on future Bunnings BBQ's.
This was  not conducted with enthusiasm with the proceeds going to "Lift the Lid on Mental Health",
25 Jan 2017       Working Bee for Hole in One afternoon Wednesday.
25 Jan 2017       Special BBQ for Poysers.
January 2017 Long Weekend -Hole in One
27 Jan  2017       Bunnings BBQ            AM Denis, Judy, Bruce.  PM Colin, Ian, Bob M..
1 Feb     2017      Poyser BBQ Epsom   Roger, Bob W., Liz/David
9 Feb  2017        Poyser BBQ High St.  Mary, Roger, Bob W.
23 Feb 2017.        KFRC Night at The Trots ( includes meal etc ) Contact Ian 0417 043 676.
28 Feb  2017       Jennie Visit. .( to be confirmed)
24 Feb 2017        Bunnings BBQ            AM   Tim. Denis, Alison.  PM  David R., Colin, Charlie.
30 Mar-1 April 17  District Conference Shepparton.
The meeting closed about 8.00 pm following the swindle,