P/E Tim  conducted the usual toasts to RI and Australia and welcomed members and guests Luke Doran and Paul Summersgill  and introduced President Jennie.
      Liz Durr, Bob Mathrick, Frank Nott, Kaylyn Journeaux,  Rob Haughton, Trevor Kuhle, David Rathbone, Bob Wiseman.
  • Jenny spoke of the tragic death of Angela, much loved daughter of Bob and Pauline Mathrick, after a long illness. A sympathy card was circulated by Roger for signing by all present.  Funeral on Friday at 1.30 pm at Miller street.
  • Congratulations and thanks to all who participated in Making the Hole in One such a success and also their efforts at BBQ's and raffles.
  • Request received from Salvos to assist with collection on Red Shield day. Club decided not to participate due to other commitments on those dates.
  • Request to run BBQ for UFS pharmacy opening on June 3rd. Referred to Bob Wiseman for decision.
  • Informed Club that COGB have decided to change all function centre keys to their master system. Secretary to meet with them and raise matter of carpark lighting, solar panels and dangerous tree near food van.
  • Great to hear that Liz Durr has been successful in obtaining $3000 grant from COGB for a defibrillator and first aid training. Well done Liz and thanks to COGB.
  • Our thanks to Julie and Brian Evans from Ravenswood who donated a new BBQ to our club.
  • Changeover Dinner Ist July.
  • President Jennie and Charlie will be official club representatives at ANZAC Service at Kangaroo Flat and will lay a wreath from our Club.
Service Chair Charlie reported  Rides for Kids ride on 23 April was a great success. Thanks to all who assisted on the day and  to local IGA who donated all the food for this event.and we are very grateful for this support. About $800 was raised for kids. And thanks to participants for their generosity.
PP Judy  circulated BBQ Roster list which has a lot of spaces to be filled so please help if you can.
Treasurer Colin advised Hole In One income for both events counting sponsorship, ball sales, donations and raffles was $17,127.95.
This was despite three Holes in One occurring. We are grateful to our Hole in One sponsor Serenity Motor Homes who donate these major prizes.
Function Centre Manager Phil raised question of gas bottles in gated area. As these cannot be stored in closed spaces, a lockable cage will be provided. Phil had also attempted to get COGB to reconsider key change as we had recently upgraded but to no avail.
Charlie Bovalino introduced Luke Doran and Paul Summersgill from Enjoy Church who run youth guidance and mentoring programs from the Church building in Kangaroo Flat who gave us an interesting summary of some of their work
  • Run leaders courses-27 leaders ranging 15 to 40 years.
  • Program Friday nights-6.30 to 8.30. Average attendance 100 to 150 kids.
  • Provides a safe place- no alcohol, drugs, not over 18 unless they have Working With Children card.
  • No physical contact allowed- program based on Christian values.
  • Kangaroo Flat youth- lack of parents/ role models.
  • Lots of great kids out there
  • Whilst Church based, priority is to help youth , not increase Church numbers.
  • Now running program at Crusoe College, looking at other Bendigo Colleges.
  • 10 % of kids at Crusoe have been thru program. (3-400). In 2015 one fight per day, 2016 only two for year, 2017 only one so far.
  • Youth need stable environment and to know someone cares.
  • Youth view of authority is poor, need to bring community to these kids.
  • Paul and Luke here mainly to make us aware of the need for help for youth in our community.
  • Current premises 700 sq.m. Space a problem if attendance rises to 200.
  • Drugs a problem across the board. Younger kids with drugs in Kangaroo Flat area.
  • Discipline method for bad behaviour is a forced break from program. This works.
  • Program includes annual joint camp at Phillip Island. Kids tend to open up more when out of their element. 3-4 days, 3-400 kids.
  • Most kids have no boundaries and these are foreign when imposed. Need to learn that breaking boundaries has consequences.
  • Need grandfather, dad, big brother figures in their life.
The club thanked Luke and Paul by acclamation and Roger presented them with a gift as a token of our thanks and appreciation for their work.
P/E Tim made the following points:
  • Very successful. Charlie managed to get 3BO to do podcasts which created interest
  • Good Friday $1700, Saturday $1900, Sunday $2400, Monday $1400.
  • Three Holes in One on Sunday.
  • Shelton Fencing were unable to supply quite enough fencing this year but we are very grateful for their assistance.Ian Doak advised of possible source of extra fencing.
  • We are extremely grateful to our member and major sponsor Phil Symons of Serenity Motor Homes. He has had to front up for 3 major prizes this year- and he was in the cage and saw 2 of them go in.  Phil was thanked by acclamation.
  • Food van kids were very helpful for the whole 4 days in picking up balls etc. It was decided to invite them to a meeting as our guests.
For info of members the Board later authorised the Secretary to purchase appropriate small gifts to give to presenters as a token of our appreciation.
This was not conducted .
28 Apr. 2017       Bunnings BBQ  AM  Denis, Tim, Peter H.
                                                           PM  Tim, Colin, Peter H., Ian D.
3 May   2017       Poyser BBQ  Bob W., Roger, Angelina, Mary.
8 May  2017        District 9800 Foundation Grants Seminar here.
11 May  2017       Poyser BBQ High St. Bob W., Roger, Mary
19 May 2017       Tafe BBQ      BOB W., Ian, ??
27 May 2017        Bunnings BBQ  AM  Denis, Tim, Phil
                                                            PM  Ian, Judy, ??
3 June 2017         BUFS BBQ         Team TBA
7 June 2017         Poyser BBQ Epsom    Bob W., Roger ??
8 June 2017         Poyser BBQ High St.   Bob W., Roger ??
15 June 2017       Tafe BBQ   Bob W.  ??  ??
30 June 2017       Bunnings BBQ    AM  Denis Tim ??
                                                                PM   Judy  ??  ??
The meeting closed at 8.10 pm. (No swindle as Board meeting after.)