PP  Ian conducted the usual toasts to RI and Australia and welcomed members, visiting Rotarians  and guests. He also chaired the meeting.
     President Jennie Barnes, Frank Nott, Charlie Bovalino, Roger McKellar, Peter Spurling,  Denis Gallagher
Function Centre
Phil Symons advised as follows :
  • Doorlocks have been upgraded for security. Keys unchanged.
  • New alarm panel has been fitted.
  • All lights changed to LED for economy/environment.
  • The function centre bookings cannot be shown on calendar as future BBQs are logged. Could BBQ bookings be removed please.
Bar/BBQ Manager Bob W. reminded us of BBQ next Wednesday week 12 July
International Chair and P/E Liz Bannon made note of the following points for consideration by the club :
  • BBQs have become important fundraisers.
  • We need to be aware and promote Rotary, our club and fund recipients and sources if possible. ie possible advertised recipient could be new pool committed $2000 pa.
  • Function centre is financially viable
  • Display signs to carpark need updating
  • Could we investigate a grant to erect covered seating and eating area.
  • Public toilets need refurbishment.
  • Revisit the Master plan  supplied by Council 11 years ago.
  • Major fundraiser is hole in one. Only hold one event at Easter.
  • Bring in other organisations to involve youth in conduct of the event.
  • Obtain expressions of interest from other organisations.
  • Look at long term by erection of security fencing.
  • Committee- Col Clark, Glen Ludeman, Judy Kidman and Bruce McClure.
  • Swap Meet Committee is contacting all previous organisations which have helped in the past. The three major organisations will need to provide 100 volunteer hours, with other interested parties supporting them with volunteer numbers.
PP Judy advised that Friday 30 June BBQ has been cancelled and replaced with Saturday 1 July.
TAFE BBQs now sorted so watch for roster.
Further investigation being carried out re future  BBQs at Bunnings ie how many weekends are available and do we continue with last Fridays ?
1 July              Bunnings BBQ    AM  Denis, Mary, Wendy and
                                                              Rob  (9am to 12,30 pm)
                                                         PM   Colin (2 hrs) ,Mary, Judy and
                                                                  David  (12.30pm to 4 pm)
1  July           Changeover Dinner at Function Centre.
3 July            NO MEETING THIS MONDAY
5 July            Poyser BBQ Epsom    10 Am  to 2.30 PM   Bob W., Kaylyn, Judy, Mary.
9 July             Bunnings BBQ     AM Bob W., Denis, Mary Judy
                                                         PM Trevor, Mary, Ian,
11 July           Poyser BBQ  High St.  10 AM to 2,30 PM    Bob W.,Kaylyn, Mary.
This was not  conducted due to time constraints. .
This was not  conducted tonight. due to time constraints. .
As time did not permit further discussion, PP Ian thanked the members for their positive and productive input and closed the
meeting at 8.10 PM