P/P Bruce conducted the usual toasts to RI and Australia and welcomed members and guests Paul Hotchin, Angelina Amarto, Deb hall and Jenny Yates.
   President Jennie Barnes( due to IT malfunction) , Bob Mathrick, Frank Nott, Bob Wiseman, Kaylyn Journeaux,  Liz Durr, Rob Haughton, Peter Spurling, Ian Doak
Function Centre Chair Phil advised that he has found windows left open, appliances left on etc and emphasised the importance of checking everything when leaving the function centre. .
Y0uth Chair Roger reported that RODEC program (New Driver Training Course) proceeding on April 5 and 6.  Liaising with local colleges and  45 brochures have been left at these  schools.
Treasurer Colin advised that he is preparing the roster for the Easter Hole in One and requested members to advise when they are available ASAP.
Service Chair Charlie advised  Rides for Kids have ride planned for 23 April. Need people to cook breakfast here and to assist at Newbridge cooking lunch. Signs need to be placed and bread collected.There will also be Ghost Riders and raffle tickets are $2.00. Please let Charlie know if you can help on the day.
Bar/BBQ Manager Bob advised bar was manned by himself and Roger on 25 March for Bendigo South RC and effort was worthwhile. Also suggested we look at opportunities in conjunction with Rotary Bike Event and perhaps involving Terry Jarvis in a worthwhile art project.
Mary Stephens has performed a magnificent one woman effort and has sold $5000 worth of Easter Raffle tickets. A truly formidable achievement. The Club's appreciation was shown by acclamation. Fantastic effort Mary !!!!!!!
 Mary thanked Roger and others who had provided support to give her lunch/toilet breaks.
Our presenters were introduced by community  chair Peter and gave us an informative presentation on the school which they have set up in Thnal Bek village in Cambodia. They have started this entirely with their own resources but are setting up sewing and art programs which will help to pay the bills and take some of the cost from Deb and Jenny. They brought along several artworks and clothing items produced by these programs which are typical of what they are trying to sell here..
This is an important project as education and particularly knowledge of english are the vital keys to gainful employment. Due to the past practice of the tyrannical Kmer Rouge, who killed anyone who was educated, elders are reluctant to see children educated due to the fear that educated people could be targeted again, but to their credit the two ladies are overcoming this and now have 20 students.
Many children are orphans or have only one parent, and children as young as 10 are forced to be independent.
There is a need for more computers and Jenny thanked  local DOXA school which has provided 9 but 2 have malfunctioned and need repair.
The school's curriculum includes art, sewing, gardening  and sport programs as well as the normal subjects. Initially teaching was done on a veranda despite rain blowing in and ladies are here to raise funds to build a school. $2000 was raised by a night at Star Cinema.
Many students need basic services such as dentistry and medical and this has been cleverly bartered for by Jenny and Deb.
The aim is to raise funds by selling "cottage industry" type items currently being sold in Australia but it will be better when all done in Cambodia. Sewing schemes presently raise about $60 per month. One talented student is producing excellent artworks.
After some questions, Peter thanked Jenny and Deb for their presentation.
Following the presentation, in appreciation and recognition of the importance of this work, our club was able to assist by the purchase of $500 worth of items which hopefully we will be able to use to raise further funds.
Thank you to members who participated in this event and helped to make it a very successful fund raising event to help cancer research.
This was  conducted with fitting hilarity.
31 Mar 2017        Bunnings BBQ  . AM  Denis, Tim, Peter H.
                                                             PM  Mary, Dave, Peter H.,
30 Mar-1 April 17  District Conference Shepparton.
3   Apr. 2017       Note- there will be a meeting on this day so please ignore previous advice
5   Apr. 2017       Poyser BBQ Epsom    Bob w., Roger, Mary.
13 Apr. 2017       Poyser BBQ  High St.  Bob W., Roger, Peter H.
10 Apr. 2017       Presentation By Mal and Maggie Butcher. DIG Kits In Thailand for Women and Girls.
14,15.16.17 April   Easter Hole In One
24 April 2017      Presentation by Paul Sommersgill   "Youth Counselling at Crusoe College"
28 Apr. 2017       Bunnings BBQ  AM  Denis, Tim, Peter H.
                                                           PM  Tim, Colin, Peter H., Ian D.
8 May  2017        District 9800 Foundation Grants Seminar here.
The meeting closed at 8.10 pm. ( No Swindle)