PE Tim conducted the usual toasts to RI and Australia and welcomed members and guests Terry Jarvis, Peter Richer, Glenn Carpenter and  Deb Munro and Louis Adams from Next Generation. He also welcomed President Jennie who joined us by video link.
Bob Mathrick, Abbie Graham, Liz Durr and Kaylyn Journeaux.
Jennie greeted members and guests and expressed her  pleasure at being able to be present and participate thanks to technology. She raised the following:
  • Next Generation Calendar. Guests Deb and Louis advised that the classic Bendigo heritage calendar will be available again at $10 per copy. They can be ordered by forms available from our club or the website rcbendigonextgen@gmail.com or by phone on 0413 403 862.
  • Folo Video. Folo is a website which allows anyone buying online to have a percentage donated to preferred charity by the vendor. We can check it out on www.folo.com.. Seems a good way to get charity for free !!
  • Still have facebook tutorial in mind.
  • Suggest that meeting on 31 October have a "Bring a Friend " emphasis, particularly potential members.
  • Don't forget 10 October- Open Forum prior to Board meeting.
  • Eaglehawk Rotary holding Trivia Night 14 October at Showground. $10 per head. BYO.
We are extremely grateful to Terry who as a result of Mary's efforts presented us with a painting worth at least $700 to be used in our fundraising efforts. Terry is a well recognised artist who has been requested to supply a painting to the National Gallery recently and who usually teaches art students in several European countries during our colder months. He will represent Australia at a watercolour exhibition in China shortly. The painting we now have was done in Tuscany during one of his teaching trips. Terry obviously enjoys what he does.. "If you enjoy your work it's not really work". Terry also offered to assist us in the future and expressed great admiration for Rotary.
Youth chair Roger reported he now has pamphlets for Elmore Roadec and that two candidates in hand for Science Seminar..
Community Chair Peter confirmed Autism walk presentation by Daniel on 24 October and advised of presentation on history of Westgate Bridge on 7 November by Bruce McClure.
Treasurer Colin requested those with outstanding dues to get them in please and advised of receipt received from cluster for $1150 for National Science Symposium. ALSO HE NEEDS NAMES FOR SWAPMEET ROSTER
Mary has been very busy and reported  a total of over $13,000 for the hole in one. Fantastic effort. Well done Mary !!!!
Function Centre Manager Phil  reported that directional arrows will be provided to require one directional traffic past our clubrooms when traffic moving between carparks. This will be done in conjunction with carpark line marking.
Foundation Chair Peter advised that foundation video presentation from USA scheduled mid-November.
Marketing Chair Tim reported on the sad news of the passing of Max Walker who was a stalwart supporter of Rotary, and who had a huge involvement in getting ROMAC off the ground. He appeared at many venues supporting this program and travelled at his own cost. Our meeting observed a minute's silence in his honour. Vale Tangles !!. 
President Nominee Alison reported that she had recently completed parts 3 and 4 of the RLI course which covered inter alia foundation grant systems and enhancing Rotary's public image. She really enjoyed the whole 4 parts of the course and made many useful connections. Alison thanked our club for supporting her in doing this course. President Jennie commented how pleasing it was to see Alison's growth as a Rotarian and congratulated her on her efforts.
This was conducted with enthusiasm with the proceeds going to "Lift the Lid on Mental Health".
Mental Health day Friday 7 October at Bunnings
  • Info  table will be beside BBQ
  • Morning session 9 to 12,30, afternoon 12.30 . AM Denis and Tim, PM  Mary, David and Colin. 
  • We must leave BBQ clean and ready for next users.
  • For this occasion Tim will organise consumables i.e. sausages, bread, onions,sauces, serviettes,drinks
  • Donation tins required along with posters etc..
  • Roger doing a sign.
Ongoing Bunnings Monthly BBQ
  • This will be on the last Friday in the month starting November 25. There may be two BBQ's next kincluding a  year and opportunity for extras approaching Christmas this year.
  • Roster is crucial. Mary is preparing roster of ALL members available on last Fridays in months. As agreed at our meeting if you are on roster (we hope to put them in Bulletin each week) and can't do it it is your responsibility to arrange a substitute.
Poyser  BBQ's
  • As Bob and his loyal band are already over committed to the first Wednesday BBQ it was agreed that a roster is necessary for all BBQ's which will be on the second Thursday of the month at the Poyser High Street Nissan venue, last Friday of the month at Bunnings and the first Wednesday at Poyser Epsom.  .
Mary has agreed to prepare the three rosters required for last Fridays, first Wednesdays and second Thursdays BBQ,s. So please advise Mary by email or Phone (delvene100@gmail.com  tel 0457 176 142) She needs your name and telephone number and which days you are available on i,e. Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays or hopefully all. Remember you can arrange a substitute if necessary so no need to study each month ahead. Keep it simple to assist preparation. It is almost  impossible to prepare a roster with monthly exceptions. If we have plenty of volunteers your name won't come up so often.
Membership  Chair Tim commended the club on the way it has accepted the need to change its ways and how it sees things if it  is to survive. The atmosphere seems more inclusive now and it is more likely that new friends or members will stay. He thanked the club for this but reminded us that membership is everybody's job- the club is the membership committee.
RI International John Germ said we have so  many different ways to attract members now- friends of Rotary etc. We now have Friends such as Abbie who are passionate about Rotary but present commitments prohibit full participation.
President Jennie quoted findings that volunteering is good for mental health and community involvement makes one feel better.
Don't forget Colin needs your name for this roster w/e 11-12 Nov.
.5    Oct                 Poysers BBQ
7    Oct                 Bunnings K/Flat.  Fundraising table and
                              BBQ for "Lift The Lid on Mental Health".
10 Oct                  Open Board Forum (Board Meeting After)
13 Oct                   Poyser BBQ High St
14 Oct                   Eaglehawk RC Trivia Night
17 Oct                   Family Night
24   Oct.                Daniel Giles "Autism Walk Talk" presentation.
29   Oct                BBQ Hargreaves Street Mall for Council.
31    Oct.               President Jennie will be here (Physically ).
                             Trans Bass visit.
2      Nov              Poyser BBQ Epsom
7      Nov              Presentation- History of Westgate Bridge by Bruce McClure.
11-13 Nov.           Swap Meet
14 Nov                 No Meeting
23 Nov                Foundation Dinner at Jockeys Club
9   Feb 2017.       KFRC Night at The Trots ( includes meal etc )
30 Mar-1 April 17  District Conference Shepparton.
The meeting closed at 8.15 pm.