P/P Bruce conducted the usual toasts to RI and Australia and welcomed members and guests and introduced President Jennie.
    Bob Mathrick, Frank Nott, Kaylyn Journeaux,  Rob Haughton, Ian Doak, David Rathbone
President Jennie advised that RC of South Bendigo is running a dinner on 27 April (6.30 for 7.00) at Kangaroo Flat sports club to raise money for lifeline. Cost is $45 per head and there will be a guest speaker from WIN news. RSVP by 20 April please. Email with details will be circulated.
Also district secretary Marjorie has a grey shawl which was left at conference.
Y0uth Chair Roger reported on RODEC program (New Driver Training Course) proceeding on April 5 and 6. Sadly, despite 70 brochures being left at three of our major schools, only two expressions of interest were received. As this was below the numbers required the course has been cancelled at this time. However it is intended to try again in September holidays.
Treasurer Colin advised that he is preparing the roster for the Easter Hole in One and once again requested members to advise when they are available ASAP.
Service Chair Charlie advised  Rides for Kids have ride planned for 23 April. Need people to be cashiers and  cook breakfast here and to assist at Newbridge cooking lunch. Bread needs to be collected from local IGA who are donating all the food for this event and we are very grateful for this support. Signs need to be placed and collected.There will also be Ghost Riders and raffle tickets are $2.00. Please let Charlie know if you can help on the day.
Bar/BBQ Manager Bob advised that extra help required for Poyser BBQs. Angelina is assisting on 5th April and Mary on 13th April.
Also Bar needs to be manned Friday for Lutheran fundraiser from 7 to 10 pm.
Bob, Lorna, Peter S and Julie attended district conference in Shepparton. Very worthwhile with some inspirational speakers.
Also advised he is investigating a "Busy Feet" program for disabled children. See this on U tube.
Foundation Chair Peter handed out envelopes for a $26.50 donation to commemorate 100 years of the Rotary Foundation which was started with initial funding of $26.50 and advised as follows:
District Foundation Chair Dennis Shore has advised that it is OK to approach every club to seek funding for the Rose Garden project.
Foundation Grants Seminar to be held here on 8th May.
District Foundation dinner to be held in Melbourne in late May.
Ann Peace is liaising with La Trobe University seeking nomination of a Rotary Peace Scholar.
Community Chair Peter advised of guest speakers scheduled for 10 April (Mal and Maggie Butcher DFG kits in Thailand) and  24 April (Paul Sommersgill Youth Counselling Crusoe College)
Also George Waters, President of Bendigo Sandhurst, who was the first Rotary Exchange student out of Bendigo 1962/3 will be a future presenter.
International Chair Liz  advised that there may not be sufficient goods to warrant a container to East Timor this year and she is pursuing a great deal for fabric for DFG kits.
PE Tim advised:
  • Possibility of 3 new members by end of June-Angelina, Deb and Jenny.
  • Advertising Hole in One on facebook at cost of $100
  • Working bee 2 pm Thursday 13 April  to set up for Good Friday start.
  • Tim organising fences.
  • Mary organising daily prizes with help from Judy.
  • Retaining wall at bottom of tees to be left until Bob Mathrick who is the designer is in a position to be present.
  • New Generation RC has expressed interest in hiring our venue.
This was  conducted with fitting hilarity.
5   Apr. 2017       Poyser BBQ Epsom    Bob w., Roger, Mary, Angelina.
13 Apr. 2017       Poyser BBQ  High St.  Bob W., Roger, Peter H, Mary..
10 Apr. 2017       Presentation By Mal and Maggie Butcher. DIG Kits In Thailand for Women and Girls.
13 Apr. 2017       Hole in One Working Bee 2 PM.
14,15.16.17 April   Easter Hole In One
24 April 2017      Presentation by Paul Sommersgill   "Youth Counselling at Crusoe College"
28 Apr. 2017       Bunnings BBQ  AM  Denis, Tim, Peter H.
                                                           PM  Tim, Colin, Peter H., Ian D.
8 May  2017        District 9800 Foundation Grants Seminar here.
The meeting closed at 8.10 pm after the swindle.