P/P Ian conducted the usual toasts to RI and Australia and welcomed members and guests Angelina Armato from Networking, Maggie Merigan  and visiting Rotarian Lewis Adams from New Generation.. Tim  then introduced P/E Tim..
   President Jennie Barnes, Bob Mathrick,  Bruce McClure, Charlie Bovalino, Denis Gallagher  Liz Durr.
Function Centre Chair Phil advised that he has requested Council to urgently assess the tree in the carpark which is dropping limbs.
P/E Tim advised:
  • Sad news that Natasha who has had two lung transplants and previously won our hearts with her presentation to us on her experience with cystic fibrosis has gone into lung failure. No one gets more than two transplants so the outlook is not good unless Doctors can improve her present lung condition. However she is still on the machine and undergoing further treatment.
  • Good to see a lot of younger people stepping up to leadership roles
  • Many changes are planned next year 2017/18.
  • The Rotary organised Hay Run in drought areas of NSW was discussed.
  • Working With Children Certificates will be compulsory for all Rotarians working with children.
  • Rotary to register for fundraising.
  • All BBQ trailers must have gas compliance certificates.
  • There have been 3 reported cases of polio this year to date.
Community Chair Peter reported on the Festival of Events booklet showing the Easter program. Philipinos dancing is on Sunday 25 April. Luchi has agreed to enter the "Mrs Philipino " competition.
Also reminded us that Jenny Yates and Deb Hall will be speaking at 27th March meeting on their Cambodian School.
Y0uth Chair Roger reported that Rebecca Conway now has the photographs from the Philips Science School at Queenscliff and her presentation on the seminar will occur at 20th March meeting.
Also RODEC - Roger is liaising with Graeme at Rochester. It has been agreed to run the program in the may school holidays. All material is ready for delivery to schools.
BBQ/ BAR Manager Bob reported that letter has been given to Poysers and a meeting has been held regarding setup, supply of food and cleanup. 4 people are needed to run these BBQ's and Judy has been requested to look at roster.
Treasurer Colin asked if anyone has information regarding the raffle prize of carpet from last year's hole in one. This arose following enquiry from the winner. Colin will follow up.
Mary Stephens will be selling raffle tickets at the following locations and dates:
KMart  25/2 and 2/3,8/3,10/3,16/3.    9 to 5.
Strathdale IGA 18/3                                 9 to 5.
MarketPlace  17/3, 23/3, 24/3, 25/3, 26/3, 2/4, 9/4, 16/4.       9 to 5.
IGA Kangaroo Flat. 30/3, 31/3, 6/4, 7/4, 12/4.                             9 to 5.
Kennington Safeway  Mondays and Tuesdays until Easter  9 to 5.
If you can please drop in and say hello or stay a while whilst Mary has a break. Mary's phone 0457 176 142.
Also I'm told books of 20 will be available for anyone who can sell a few to help the cause.
As of tonight's meeting Mary has raised $3,100 and is aiming for $5,000.
Mary thanked Roger and others who had provided support to give her lunch/toilet breaks and would welcome more support.
Lewis Adams from Next Generation spoke on their upcoming project the "Relay for Life" to be held on 25th March. Volunteers are needed
for walking team rotations. After some prompting from Rob Haughton we managed to find 9 people to support Next Gen's project.
Registration for this very worthy project can be done online or through Lewis Adams at Next Generation.
This was  not conducted.
9 Mar  2017         Poyser BBQ High St.  Bob W., Roger, Peter H.
13 Mar 2017         Public Holiday Labour day.  - No Meeting
20 Mar 2017        Open forum  (Board meeting) Speaker Rebecca Conway ( Queenscliff Philips Science School)
                              (Swapmeet meeting after)
                               Presentation Jenny Yates and Deb Hall "Their Self funded Cambodian School"
31 Mar 2017        Bunnings BBQ  . AM  Denis, Tim, Peter H.
                                                             PM  Tim, Charlie,Peter H.,
30 Mar-1 April 17  District Conference Shepparton.
3   Apr. 2017       No Meeting due to District Conference.
5   Apr. 2017       Poyser BBQ Epsom    Bob w., Roger, Mary.
13 Apr. 2017       Poyser BBQ  High St.  Bob W., Roger, Peter H.
14,15.16.17 April   Easter Hole In One
28 Apr. 2017       Bunnings BBQ  AM  Denis, Tim, Peter H.
                                                           PM  Tim, Colin, Peter H., Ian D.
The meeting closed at 7.50 pm following the swindle,