Marketing Chair Tim conducted usual toasts , welcomed members and guests Matt Wiseman and Deb Symons and introduced President Jennie.
Peter Hull and Kaylyn Journeaux
We were delighted when President Jenny summoned last year President Peter Taylor to present the Paul Harris Fellow award to a very worthy recipient in Bob Wiseman. Bob is a past President of our club and has been selfless in his participation in club events and projects of all kinds, particularly fundraising BBQs. The recent design and organisation by Bob of the gates enclosing our BBQ area is a typical example of a difficult challenge being overcome with an excellent result.
Bob was obviously surprised both by the award and the emergence of family members including wife Lorna, sons Matt and Scott, daughters in law Anna and Katrina and grandchildren Tom and Abby.
Bob accepted the award humbly and indicated he didn't think it would happen as whilst he has served Rotary for many years he has moved a lot so hasn't had years of continuity at any one club. We were glad he was wrong and his award and his contribution to our club were honoured by loud and sincere acclamation.
      Bob (on left) Receiving Award From PP Peter Taylor.
        15 Aug. ADG Gary McClure and DG Neville Johns attending. Open Forum and Board Meeting.
        22 Aug. Lift the Lid on Mental health.
        29 Aug. President's Apology.
        5   Sept. Normal meeting.
        7   Sept  Poysers BBQ.
Jennie thanked all who attended the foundation grant seminar. 46 participants was a good result.
"Big Give". Should the club consider putting up say $500 on website to test response?
New BBQ Trailer. Possible to raise $5000 through Kangaroo Flat Community Enterprise if we can organise 20 pledges. Also we may be able to get $2500 grant, so new trailer may be achievable.
President Jennie explained a likely change of employment could necessitate her moving to Tasmania and that she had discussed this with 5 Board members last week and received their support for her continuing as President using Skype etc.
She proposed to the club that this occur with her having obtained agreement from Alison Brown and Tim McCrohan to act as her "Deputies on the Ground". She would of course visit from time to time.
Foundation Chair Peter Spurling offered congratulations and best wishes to Jennie and the club affirmed this by acclamation.
No objection to this process was offered from the floor. The proposal has been approved by district 9800.
     Phil Symons coming up on 24th Aug.
     Lorna Wiseman was feted with a lusty version of "Happy Birthday To You"
     Anniversary of Frank Nott's advent to Rotary on 12 Aug.
   Youth  Service  Chair Roger gave a brief update on youth science program.
    Function Centre Manager Phil reported that Lights have been installed at BBQ area and gate repair is ongoing.
    Club Service Chair Charlie reported that the Citizen of the Year trophy has been engraved and all in hand for successful presentation.
    Foundation Chair Peter expressed thanks to all who attended seminar.
    Treasurer Colin reminded us all that many subs not yet paid.
    President Jennie spoke of email from ADG Gary McClure on planning for the year.
    She also raised the possibility of a function at the former Castlemaine Gaol on 27/8/16 . RC of Castlemaine would join us if this takes place.
Marketing/Public Relations chair Tim spoke on the need for new ways to attract and communicate with the younger generation whose membership is vital to Rotary. He had played the Rotary Foundation video earlier.
We need to use the systems they use such as facebook etc.
Many of this generation don't feel they should have to pay ( ie club fees) in order to volunteer.
Could we consider sponsoring new members for the first year while we show them what Rotary does?
We must market what we do as a club i.e. social media.
Consider alteration of club name to make it come up sooner on Google i.e. Bendigo-Kangaroo Flat. Old Bendigonians know Kangaroo Flat is a suburb but new people when searching would not.
Tim had put a Rotary video on Facebook and it had received over 150  hits in a week - this demonstrates the power  of social media compared to just a website.
Time did not allow a further video presentation, but Tim's presentation evoked a lively if short discussion. It was made obvious that the need to attract younger membership is of concern to every Rotarian and that we need to investigate ways to connect our website etc to Social media.
The meeting closed at 8.05 pm.