Our Club Meeting on Monday 26th August with District Governor Ross Butterworth in attendance





Welcome back to David & Noel, not only didn't think of us working hard while they were relaxing they didn't miss us.  Welcome back anyway.

 Thank you to all the members who helped with the Trivia night.  Thanks Judy for the questions, it would have been better if I knew the answers. Thank you Jill, great job mcing.  I think Peter Taylor may have played a small part, thanks Pete. Great to have RC of Eaglehawk providing tables and also Friends of Rotary (Networking Group) also supporting the night.


It was great to have Mark along again, it was also good to meet Tim. Looking forward to seeing them again.


It was an inspirational talk from Ross. At last a publicity campaign that will get Rotary in the public eye. Yes, from small ideas great things happen. 


Bob Wiseman, great 3 minute talk. I think you only went 5 minutes over time.


Coming up we have two Movie nights in October, new ideas and projects in planning.


Board meeting next Monday night


Have a great week


Yours in Rotary – President Charlie

District Governor Ross Butterworth giving an inspiring talk on Rotary