News for the week


Big thanks to Roger & Ian for the Melbourne Cup Night with Bendigo Strathdale. Thank you to Bob Wiseman & Noel for helping to setup.


Lyn Comer won Best Dressed Lady and Noel won Best Dressed Male.  Ian Doak, Best Novelty outfit.  Our winners of the 2002 Melbourne cup sweep were Peter Taylor, 

Ian Doak & Jan Walklate.  I know it is hard to believe that I paid out money despite popular belief at some stage someone will win the swindle. At this time the pool is $548.50. Wouldn't it be great if the winner donated some of the money, just a thought.  Peter Taylor's guest Peter Hull was the nearest to the bottle of whiskey. I think everyone had a good night with a bit of fun, some time for fellowship and it was good to have time to talk which we don’t get at meetings. We will be having some fellowship nights in the future.


It was great to see so many making an effort to dress up. Ian Doak sold out the sweeps. All the details are in the Bulletin on who won.


The redbox tree next to the function center dropped a large branch. We were lucky that it fell away from the building. The tree will be assessed and may have to be removed.


We have our bbq at Poysers tomorrow. Noel, Roger & I will be cooking.


I will be laying a floral tribute at the Kangaroo Flat Soldiers Memorial at 11am on the 11th if any members wish to join me, please let me know.


Sweep Results 


Well Peter Taylor two first place wins, how tinny are you & Roger McKellar a first place also.


Sweep 1      $5-00                                                                          Sweep 2           $5-00


Ist    Peter Taylor,                  $70-00                                 1st   Roger McKellar      $70-00

2nd  Glenn Ludeman,            $30-00                                 2nd  Tim McCrohan        $30-00

3rd   Bob Matherick,             $20-00                                  3rd   Lynn Holden           $20-00       

(Wife of Rob-Caterer)



Sweep 3      $2.                                                                              Sweep 4.           $2.


1st   Mike Nihill                     $25-00                                  1st    Trevor Kuhle          $25-00

2nd  Brooke Ludeman            $15-00                                  2nd  Ian Doak                $15-00

3rd   Trevor Kuhle                   $ 8-00                                   3rd  Merrilyn McClure   $ 8-00


Have a great week