News from our meeting on 7th October


Charlie’s Chat


At tonight’s meeting we welcomed Kate & Doug from Violence Free Families, Des Malcolm from Breathometer, Tim’s family, our new members Tim and Mark and Rotarians.

We kicked off the meeting with the inductions of Tim and Mark who we warmly welcome to our club along with their families.  Charlie is thrilled that our new members reduce our average age for members, possibly from the 70’s to the 50’s.  We are very proud to have 5 members under 50 years of age.

Big thank you to Jill Barker & Peter Taylor for nominating Tim & Mark. How great we have three new members this year. 

Sunday 20th lunch Macedon on 10.20 train, please be there with time to get your tickets. 

Update on Brody project: Kevin Slater has drawn up the plans. I have dropped them off to Ross O'Meara from Regional Building Surveying Services who will issue the building permits all at no cost. Big thanks to both Kevin and Ross. The next step will be order the materials and working bee. 

Now the walk to get Peter Taylor back into shape!  Ok what day, what time and where do we walk? Please let me know what you think will work.  I believe that once we are up and walking we can open the walk to everyone. 

For the members who don't know, some members meet at the Foundry Hotel for lunch on Friday at 12 noon each week. Everyone is welcome. For more details contact Roger. 

What’s Happening?

NO meeting next week, 14th October. This Wednesday night cluster meeting at the stadium.

Movie nights this Thursday night 10th October – Diana.  On the 24th Captain Philips.  See Peter Taylor for info.

Sunday 20th catch the train at 10.30 for lunch in Macedon – see Charlie.

Possible AGM and Board Meeting on the 21st.

Invitation to Rotarians to attend Networking meeting on Friday 25th at 7am – breakfast provided – Lisa Chesters is guest speaker.

Sunday 27th run for Cystic Fibrosis – see our new member Tim for details.

Monday 28th is a partner’s night – this is an adult’s only event due to guest speaker – not appropriate for the kiddies. 

Our guest speaker this evening was Kate Strain from the Rotary organization Violence Free Families. Kate showed a video of a UK ad on domestic violence to start her presentation.  Family Violence is prevalent in our society but rarely spoken about. Abuse is in many forms: social, financial, threats, emotional, physical and sexual.  All demographics are affected.  The cycle of violence where the victim (child) can become the violator. 1 in 3 females and 1 in 4 families are affected. An increase of 63% in reported cases over the last five years. Violence Free Families are working through research, new prevention programs and education to improve family life in Australia.

Des Malcolm spoke on the Breathometer program – we have three machines installed here in Bendigo through the TAC program.  Every two months the machines will be emptied with funds passed to the Club and then to Violence Free Families and local organization Centre for Non-Violence.