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Messages from Clubs requesting assistance

From Bendigo Sandhurst International Director Wayne Gregson would like our Club to be involved with Disaster Aid this year. Club Service Director John Cannon has suggested we have Darren Mayne fro Disaster Aid to come and speak at a joint Club meeting proposed for possibly 16th October at the Bendigo Stadium as a dinner/fundraiser.  Additional funds can be donated by Clubs.


Request for support from District Governor Ross Butterworth. A personal and genuine plea for help in getting this message and request for help out and supported. My beautiful daughter-in-law Katrina has a brother Nick who has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Melanoma. He has been battling this hard with his young family by his side now for a couple of years with many treatments and all so far to little or no avail.  They are very close to accessing a clinical trial of a new drug but need our help to get the support of our family and friends to sign a petition on change.org. This really will encourage the drug company to place Nick on the trials. A few minutes of your time today can make a huge difference to this family and possibly give them a lot more tomorrows. Please take a few minute to register with change.org and show your support by signing the petition and circulating this to friends and asking for their help.

Please join this campaign by clicking here or pasting into your browser: http://chn.ge/1cmbSbL.

You can view Nick's story right here: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRLvQkUzkz-ibSu-rZ6YA.

Your support is much appreciated. Warm Regards. Ross