VP Alison conducted the usual toasts to RI and Australia and welcomed members and guests Will Beasy and Gary O'Brien
  Charlie Bovalino, Peter Hull, Bob Wiseman
  •  Local Tasmanian Club has a very big Duck Run event.     
  • Parking volunteers. Our club unable to assist.
  • Bendigo South running a competition to encourage students into Engineering careers. Cost $11,000. 8 schools and 240 students involved. Looking for $500 per club. Consensus  was not to participate as we already support the Cluster science program.
  • AGM Tonight
  • Jennie then handed over to PE Tim to conduct the rest of the meeting.
Youth Chair Roger presented this year's award to Will Beasy who has excelled as an apprentice at Gary O'Briens vehicle repair shop. The $500 award will allow Will to purchase tools etc to assist him  in developing his career. His employer Gary spoke highly of him classing him as a "1 in 50" apprentice who will have a very successful career. At Roger's request Gary gave us a run down on the amazing success his comparatively small firm has had in developing a racing Torana.  A very impressive effort. His motto- "Work Hard and Love What You Do!"
After receiving his award, Will expressed gratitude to our Club and to his employer Gary who has been a great example and patient teacher.
International  Chair Liz   advised:
  • Firm in Bealiba will train Rotarians in First aid at no cost
  • Another training source $990 for 15 participants.
  • New First Aid kit ordered at cost of $95
  • Chasing grants for defibrillator and club training- currently foiled by website but persevering.
Foundation chair Peter advised that the Cluster Foundation Dinner was a great success with four attendees from our club.
Secretary Denis tabled funding requests from Big Hill primary school and "Operation Cleft". President Jennie requested copies.
Youth Chair Roger advised that the two Crusoe students will attend the science Experience 16-18 January. Queenscliff RC providing accommodation. Meeting with parents in December. Rodec project will be sorted in December. Some assistance will be required.
Function Centre Chair Phil advised negotiations going on with Mathew from Amicus organisation. Possible Friends of Rotary or volunteers. May help with our garden maintenance.
David Rathbone reported close to $500 earned from Bunnings BBQ.
Judy Kidman led a discussion on how we could improve upon present arrangements. After considerable club discussion it was agreed:
  • We try to do Roster for two months ahead and fill slots by making the roster an item for brief consideration at each meeting.
  • A list of available persons for BBq's will be circulated to all with contact details.
  • If a rostered person is unavailable on their allotted day it is THEIR responsibility (Not Mary's) to find a replacement on the day from the circulated list.
  • Upcoming BBQ rosters will be detailed in Agendas and Bulletins
  • This is important as BBq's becoming a major club fundraiser.
This was  not conducted with enthusiasm with the proceeds going to "Lift the Lid on Mental Health", but we did manage the swindle.
4  Dec                 Trams BBQ                Charlie, Tim, Liz and David.
7  Dec                 Poyser BBQ Epsom  Mary, Roger, Bob W.
8 Dec                  Poyser BBQ High St. Mary, Roger, Bob W,
19 Dec                Christmas Family Meeting
30 Dec.               Bunnings BBQ            AM   Alison, Tim, Judy.  PM David R., Colin, Charlie.
4 Jan   2017        Poyser BBQ Epsom   Mary, Roger, Bob W.
12 Jan  2017       Poyser BBQ High St.  Mary, Roger, Bob W.
January 2017 Long Weekend -Hole in One
27 Jan  2017       Bunnings BBQ            AM Denis, Judy, Bruce.  PM Colin, Ian, Bob M..
1 Feb     2017      Poyser BBQ Epsom   Roger, Bob W., Liz/David
9 Feb  2017        Poyser BBQ High St.  Mary, Roger, Bob W.
9  Feb 2017.        KFRC Night at The Trots ( includes meal etc )
13 Feb  2017       Jennie Visit. Partner Valentine Meeting.
24 Feb 2017        Bunnings BBQ            AM   Charlie. Denis, Alison.  PM  David R., Colin, Charlie.
30 Mar-1 April 17  District Conference Shepparton.
The meeting closed at 7.50 pm following the swindle, with AGM to follow.