PP  Ian conducted the usual toasts to RI and Australia and welcomed members, visiting Rotarian Geoff Adcock and guests. He also chaired the meeting.
     President Jennie Barnes, Frank Nott, Kaylyn Journeaux,  Peter Hull, Rob Haughton, Bob Mathrick. Phil Symons, Charlie Bovalino, Mary Stevens.
International Chair and P/E Liz Bannon advised that one of her best sewers has been lost to DFG Thailand. She is presently trying to fill 200 bags for DFG east Timor.
Liz later requested help to set up the centre for the changeover dinner on the Saturday afternoon before the evening event on 1st July.
Treasurer Colin presented swindle winner Bruce McClure with cheque for $555.25. Congrats Bruce.
Secretary Denis advised Tafe BBQ was great success with profit around $480. Thanks to Mary and partner Peter and Bruce.
Also on behalf of Function Centre Manager Phil Symons that COBG has been requested to attend to problem tree, check requirements for exits and upgrade rear door to make it more secure. CBOG has advised that only the existing exit is required. The alarm system requires a new push pad and costs will be at least $400. Hopefully in roof devices will be ok. LED lighting installed recently.
Secretary Elect Bruce reminded all to get their RSVP's in for the changeover dinner and noted that absentee President meant we were missing out on cluster meetings.
Congrats to Bruce, Rob and helpers on centre cleanout and new cupboards in offices which hopefully can store much of our BBQ equipment and unclutter the bar.
Trevor Kuhle enlightened us with his summary of goings on at the club during the past year. It should be noted that not all members agree with some of his comments which were based on hearsay and could be considered by some as defamatory. The first part of the four way test is "Is it the TRUTH". The other 3 parts are also relevant.
PP Judy raised the matter of the BBQ roster and advised she would be glad to admit new persons to the roster.
30 June 2017       Bunnings BBQ    AM  Denis, Mary  and ??????
                                                                PM   Colin, Charlie, Judy.
1  July   2017         Changeover Dinner at Function Centre.
This was not  conducted .
This was  conducted tonight  without result possibly again due to molly-dooker spinner with a contract to dispose of pumpkins.
The meeting closed at 8.00 PM (Swapmeet meeting To Follow}