Presidents ramble


At tonight's meeting we welcomed a new doctor to town - Liz started a new job recently in a new clinic in town. The apologies list was long with members enjoying time away. David is enjoying time in Europe, Ian golfing in the sunshine and warmth, Noel continues his Darwin winter break, Bruce has commenced his new job in Stawell, Peter away at a conference.  Adam is recovering from back surgery with a six week recovery time - we hope to see him in the next few weeks when mobility returns. 

Our thoughts are with Lorna and Bob as Lorna's mum health has declined rapidly over the past couple of days.

The Trivia Night has been moved once again. It is now on Phil's birthday! 24th August.  Thank you to Judy for handling the bookings for this event.

Thanks goes out to Frank who has organised several BBQ's so far for the month.  Poyser BBQ went well with the new set up, the football BBQ which is on again 22nd June and another quick BBQ at Focus on Furniture.

Bob M reported on the bar activities with a 30th last Saturday night assisted by Roger and another event this Thursday night.  Good opportunities to raise funds for the club.  Thank you Bob.

Charlie asked for numbers to the changeover which is Friday week. Please let him know if you are attending asap.  Assistance is needed on the door - we have one volunteer - need one more.  Anyone who can assist with setup also appreciated.

Change overs are on the next few weeks - Charlie has the list of dates should you wish to attend.

Glenn has the program up and running - if you have any interesting guest speakers you would like invited please pass on to Glenn - the calendar is filling fast.  The speakers will be added to the website which will also appear in the bulletin.

Next Monday night Charlie will finalise details for the change over. From there we will organise the working bee for July 8th meeting (no meeting following the change over).  If you have any suggestions on what needs to be done at the Club please make a mental note or email Glenn. Geoff is making up a template so that we can mark furniture, the office needs a bit of sorting out, some cleaning in kitchen (window sills etc).

Just as a reminder the has a calendar of events/venue bookings.  If you have someone ask about the venue they can check availability, pricing, etc. on the website.

Until next week, have a great week.

Yours in Rotary

Almost Past President Jill