Welcome to our Monday night meeting. It was great to have Glenn Ludeman with us tonight along with Frank Nott and soon to be member Mary Stevens. Apologies received from Hully, Glenn T, Judy & Bruce.
The long awaited Swap Meet report was presented by Ian Doak:  a successful Swap Meet – down on Friday, Saturday really good – up on 2014, Sunday slow – better than 2014. Takings $106,890 for the event. Left overs sold off. 1998-2015 takings $1,665,008 with average of $92,500.
Car Club $73,570 – average $4,087.
Distributed $661,980 – recipients $262,390, Rotary Clubs $399,590
Volunteer groups received $4,100 to 7 Rotary clubs and Junorton Fire Brigade, Bendigo Special Development School and the Air Force Cadets.
Ice creams: 480 maxibons, 600 frosty fruits,  450 icy poles  352 milo scoops, 1632 drumsticks, 760 conisuers, etc 4272 ice creams in total.  2900 hamburgers, 280kg snags, 900 steak sand 350kg bacon 300kg onions, 480 doz eggs, 40kg sliced meat 100 dozen soft drinks.
Congratulations and thank you to Ian, Colin & Rob who are on the Swap Meet Committee and put in a power of work for the event.
President Peter presented Colin Clark with a cheque for St Mary’s Anglican Church for assistance at the Hole in One Australia Day weekend. We appreciate their ongoing support.
Working bee for the 19th March- does that suit members? Colin organising roster. We have three captains we need one more – can you consider doing this please. Easter signs are up (not taken down).
ROADEC – Next Gen have two students, Roadec has one, Colin organising meetings with Bendigo Senior & Crusoe College with Glenn speaking Bendigo South East. Advertised in Flat Matters.  Cost $135 per student. What shall we provide? Parents must take and pickup each day. Booked in for 4th April. Minimum of 14 maximum of 18 students permitted. Do you know a learner driver that would benefit from a defensive driving course?
Foundation:  movie night for Dad’s Army – opens Thursday 28th April - $15 per ticket with $5 from each ticket to Foundation.
Huge thank you to Mary who has sold 100 big book of bargains – thank you to Denis, Frank & Jill for assisting also. Around 1,000 to be sold of the 3,000 printed.
Liz fly’s out for her overseas trip Friday night for a week to Maubisse.  Has spoken with University of NSW and has contact phone number for St John of God who both have current programs. One day in Dili and hoping to be able to visit the hospital. 3 days in Maubisse, looking at different projects. Liz is travelling with two other local Rotarians. A whirlwind trip – we wish Liz well and look forward to her return and report.
April 11th the meeting will NOT be on however on the Tuesday night we are booking Tru Blu for a tour and taste followed by a meal out afterwards.
Relay for Life – 15th & 16th – joining the Next Generation team (tbc). We can register on line and pay under their banner. Cost $20 (includes tshirt). Tins back to Treasurer Rob before Relay for Life.
BBQ gates – underway and hopefully ready for Easter – well done to the team who are organising this project.
Charlie:  Motorbike ride on 17th April – need 5 people to cook breakfast and take money. Leave at 10am, Marong, Dunolly, Newstead, Castlemaine and back to Kangaroo Flat for lunch for bike riders.  Visiting Daryn at IGA to gain them as a sponsor.
Rotarians & Friends At Work Day is on 30th April 10am to 2pm at Crusoe Res – working with Friends of Crusoe & Number 7. A Ranger will be available on this day (as required). Weeding and painting is on the agenda.
A clean up past containers can be conducted in May or June – date to be confirmed with Tim who has the required paperwork.
Belvoir Golf Club used lawn and greens area for golf promotion but did not obtain permission? Does anyone know of this before we approach Belvoir. Last Thursday being the afternoon in question.
Does anyone know who used the facility on Sunday night? (14th February).
Phil advised Wifi being added shortly.
A very busy night with many events over the next couple of months.
Have a great week and see you next Monday.
Yours in Rotary
President Peter