Peter’s Prattle 18th January 2016
At tonight’s meeting we received apologies from Alison, Glenn Taylor, Kaylyn, Hully & Judy. We welcomed Mary to our meeting and thanked her for assisting at the working bee on Saturday – what a fantastic Rotarian Mary will make – her enthusiasm to contribute is endless.
            ****  NO MEETING ON MONDAY 25TH JANUARY ****
Tim took the floor to talk on the Hole in One working bee.  Containers cleaned out by Mary and Jill, expert concreting by Roger, Denis, Bob, Colin, Bob M, Charlie, Noel, Rob and himself.
Charlie organised Jack Lyons to dig holes and shifted soil for the back bunker. After several hours the work was completed at no cost. Thank you to Lyons Construction.  Denis went to Pierces Concrete who donated cement and concrete. Thank you to Pierces.
Tim went to Reeces at Kangaroo Flat who donated poly pipe, etc.
Red Back Storage (Bill Harper) donated shelving for the empty container.
T’s at half price from Rebel Sport collected by Noel.
Tim thanked everyone for their assistance. 
Roger in need of signage info asap – please contact Roger if you require signs for sponsorship.
Ian went through the golf clubs and removed those not required – hopefully this reduces the big hitters going over the back fence. New grips being organised. Colin approaching Belvoir Park Golf Club to see if they have second hand clubs which could be donated.
Colin organising Roster which we need Saturday afternoon and Tuesday afternoon volunteers – in need of a few more.
Charlie has two radio interviews for Hole in One and voucher books.
Captains Jill, Ian, Ian and Charlie for the Hole in One.
Rob requested the cash box and float of $600 required for the weekend.
9 o’clock set up – pack up at 4pm – around half hour to packup.
Set up Friday night at 4 o’clock until finished.
Sponsors organised. Prizes in office with donations coming in, voucher books, calendars with only a few prizes needed to purchased.
Raffle - $2,500 of carpet on offer (installed) – tickets $5 – 500 tickets available. Sell from this hole in one until 4th April.
Funds raised for the Aquatic Centre to the Kangaroo Flat Community Enterprise commitment to provide one million dollars over four years to the project. Roadec will be the other recipient with the joint venture with Next Generation to provide training to 18 teenagers in defensive driving.
Tim spoke on the importance of ROADEC. The impact on those attending a road accident is tremendous and affects them for many years. If we can save a persons life through ROADEC it will be more than worthwhile.
The Rotary ad is being played on channel 9 with Roger the face of Rotary with his smiling face at the start of the ad. Keep an eye out for it.
Have a great week and see you over the Australia Day weekend at the Hole in One.
Have a wonderful week.
Yours in Rotary
President Peter Taylor