Peter’s Prattle – 22nd February
Tonight we welcomed Helen Horgan  from Annie North and from Bendigo South Maureen Plant, Ros Chenery and Ron Devereaux who were on a “Scatter Week”.  It was a pleasure to have with us Peter, Deacon, Rowena and Leatisha – Mary’s family who joined us for Mary’s induction.
Apologies received tonight from Jennie, Alison, Ian (in recovery mode), Liz (overseas on Rotary trip), Peter Hull (looking after his mum which is ongoing), Judy (looking after her sister), Tim (at a school meeting), Roger (off buying a mustang), David (looking after Joan who is home from a hospital trip), Peter Spurlings and Glenn Taylor. We wish Noel all the best for the upcoming treatment – he will be missed over the coming weeks.
It was with great pleasure to induct Mary as a Rotarian to our Club. Mary has attended BBQ’s, working bees, Hole in One and manning sales stands & door knocking for the Big Book of Vouchers with sales ready to reach 300 books (or $3,000). Mary’s enthusiasm is greatly appreciated and we look forward to working with Mary into the future. Congratulations Mary.
After our self-catered meal of pizza from Sally’s Pizza and ice creams we introduced Helen Horgan from Annie North who was presented with a cheque for $2,000 (proceeds from the Colleen Hewett concert). Helen has many areas to choose from for the funds.
Helen gave a talk on Annie North. The existing centre is a high security refuge – opened 26 years ago.  Underway is the construction of 8 transitional houses which will be accommodation for women after leaving the high security centre – stays of up to 12 months. The centre is constantly full with no vacancies for a further three months. Every day the centre receives requests for assistance.
Much more than just accommodation the centre provides a wide range of support programs including case management, counselling, support for women without permanent residency, income support and so the list goes on. Annie North are lobbying for a better model of supporting women and children.
The new facility will have all services available avoiding the need for women to go out in the community where they may face their perpetrator. 6 self-contained units which can be set up in different bedroom size configurations. A playground, BBQ area, sensory garden, orchard, vegetable patch and (hopefully) laying hens.  Technology available with video link to courts, meeting spaces, boutique for second hand clothes, toys and much more.
Some figures – in 2015 79 women died as a result of domestic violence, so far this year 16 have died.
Thank you to Helen for a very informative talk.
Bob W gave an update on the “gate” project. A request for further funds which was moved by Bob W to provide further funds and seconded by Rob Haughton – agreed by all Board Members present.
(Peter, Phil, Rob, Charlie, Denis & Jill).
Tim missed out on the working bee along the creek – looking pristine and no chance of falling branches and snakes.
Charlie reported 24th for the Motorbike Ride. Time to start looking for our “Citizen of the Year” – details to be on the website stating why they are being nominated. Autism Walk will change slightly – Dusk to Dawn – date to change which will be confirmed at the next Autism Walk meeting.
Colin is chasing ROADEC participants – any contacts appreciated.
Next meeting will be a catered night with Liz Durr giving a talk on her trip to East Timor.
Have a great week.
Yours in Rotary
President Peter