Peter’s Prattle 29th February
Apologies:  Charlie Bovalino, Bruce McClure, Noel Ramage, Bob Mathrick, Peter Hull
Thank you to Jill, Katriona, Liz and Mary for preparing an enjoyable meal this evening. Congratulations to Mary on selling 130 books (approximately) for the week.
Jennie’s President Elect presentation:
Disaster Aid Seminar – cannot attend, can someone attend with Liz – please contact Liz.
Attended PETS – great event and looking forward to President.  Would like to have an assistant for each Director who will step up the following year as Director.
Jennie – President  Denis – Secretary,   Colin – Treasurer, VP Peter Taylor, Charlie Club Service, International – Liz assistant Alison, no Foundation (asked for someone to nominate), Community Glenn Taylor, Youth & Vocation – Roger, function centre – Phil, Protection Officer, Trevor, President Elect? – nominations anyone?
Youth and Vocation together. Introduce membership, bulletin and marketing position to be created.
Year is not about making decisions but helping each Rotarian to help one another and be united.
Liz’s Trip to East Timor
Liz went to Timor 11 years ago. This trip, 26 degrees 75% humidity, scoping tour – progress on projects, yet to start, started and completed. Assess medical services. Long trip. Heather Ridge and John Jones other Rotarians on trip – teachers education – scholarships to students. Day in Dili to shop for supplies, meet 4th member of team who is in Dili for 18 months. Roads and footpaths have improved. Rubbish is an issue still. Mountain trip long – arrived okay. Scenery stunning.
Maubisse perched on a ridge, lush, green, humid. Many meetings and visits to local schools etc.  At Vocational school presented with scarf and welcome to the school.  In need of water supply – enough water for one toilet to cater for 120 students. Students walk 3-4 hours to get to and from school. Half day for junior then half day senior. Green School set up to run regular classes on “green” agriculture. Caught rats in the volunteer house – noise level dropped in the ceiling.
Spoke with Catholic School about Days for Girls who are keen to be involved – handed out kits to those interested.  Order for 600 kits.
Director of Hospital advised child admission is mainly malnutrition.  Births are only 25% in hospital. Home births are still high – maternal death rate is low. Assistance into villages is on going. Dental service is available but only two technicians. Lack supplies. Radiology team going over, ultrasound machines have been sent, provide training for doctors and midwives.
Local radio station has 90% listening audience of population.
School roofs need replacing/repair. Clinic has only just had running water connected. University fees only $150 per year – for medicine and midwifery – met students on scholarships.
Met Doctor Dan who runs a clinic which has an ultra sound machine donated by High Street Clinic. Doctor said around 18,000 malnourished children. TB is an issue. There are very few “old” people as that generation was killed in war.
Garden implements for the Green School, how to support young man and family – food – if each member put in $1 a month we could purchase one bag of rice each month.  More work required to determine where best we can help. Lots of homework to do, requested to go back and teach in June/July.
Congratulation Liz on an excellent presentation and a wonderful trip.
Poyser BBQ – Roger, Mary, Bob and Ian D.
Working Bee – post hole digger organised by Tim for temp fencing, Denis asked to assist with concreting, mini mix may be required, Captains each day organised, Church assisting.
Conference: Liz for Registration at conference – under control. Voucher books to be delivered on the Thursday. $3,000 to Foundation, $15,000 to Haven Home Safe to be donated at conference.
Big Book of Vouchers – Mary has sold 130 in the past week exceeding her 100 per week target – well done Mary – huge amount of leg work involved.
4th April BBQ meeting – new area will be available. Under $3,800 from Universal Fencing to do the gates – well done Bob on your negotiation skills.
Conference dinner on the Saturday – at the Town Hall for our Club members attending – All Seasons overbooked hence District Conference organisers made the decision to transfer attendees to the Town Hall event.
Thursday 28th April – Dad’s Army cinema night (still to be confirmed).
Roadec – between 14-18 students required. Tim has sent out via Facebook, ad in Flat Matters, Crusoe College promoting and general media.
Vocation visit to True Brew on 12th April – 6pm and dinner afterwards at the Newmarket.
Heads and Tails won by Glenn L but no Joker.
Have a great week – get ready for a busy month ahead.
Yours in Rotary
President Peter