Welcome to Members on this cool night.
Apologies: Mary (3 weeks away), Peter Spurling, Alison, Frank, Kaylyn, Glenn T, Katriona
Bruce away for the 9th and the 16th – overseas – enjoy your trip to Singapore.
Tim opened the meeting followed by the wonderful news that the Kalydeco medication his daughter is receiving has turned off cystic fibrosis. Best news ever.
Crusoe working bee on hold – new date to be selected.
Big Book of Bargains update – Haven purchasing 50 books, Mary organised further 400 books to be sold at event in mid-July – just about wraps up the project.
Roger – around 20+ people coming along each week to the Soup Kitchen.
Phil – Bali is beautiful and the Hole in One signs have come down. Oh dear the tv.
Rob – disbursements submitted on the 23rd May board meeting. Executive to meet at 5.30pm. Members wishing to put forward suggestions please email President Peter.
Denis – Dad’s Army not going to the cinema’s.
Jennie – going to District Assembly 15th May – anyone wishing to attend contact Jennie ASAP.
Tim – sending out Hole in One what worked well etc.  Keep an eye out for the email.
Colin suggested Hole in One sponsors be sent “Thank you” for support.
Charlie – following up cost of climbing equipment for the children’s Rehab equipment (Bendigo  Hospital). Facebook page up for bike ride. Completed a bike ride last Sunday and managed to have more networking time. May 19th for invite to presentation on the Bendigo Cancer Centre, a new paradigm. Held at Monash Auditorium, event 7pm to 8pm. See Charlie if you wish to attend.  25th June for Autism walk.
Club discussion: Car maintenance day – incorporate scooter day also?  Sunday 14th August? What are the legal obligations? Can a mechanic teach or does it have to be a teacher teach? Further investigation required. Classroom and practical advice on a car. Focus maintenance and safety.
Dinner out next week – where would Rotarians like to go? Hibernian voted for the night – 11 attending for the dinner – contact Bob W if you were not at the meeting and wish to attend.
Following week – Jennie’s night.
Meeting on 23rd catered night – can the BBQ team cook up a bbq? Volunteers please.
23rd May – joint board meeting
Charlie – toss of the coins won by Bob W after only two tosses.
Have a great week.
Yours in Rotary
President Peter