Welcome back Rotarians from our Christmas New Year break. Also welcome to Mary Stevens and welcome back to Bruce McClure.
Apologies:  Kaylyn (sadly Kaylyns Uncle passed away), Hully (visitng a sick Aunty) and Glenn T on holidays.
Happy Birthday to Peter Spurling for his 70th birthday. Hope you enjoyed both pies.
President Peter reported on the Big Book of Bargains has now sold around 1,000 units. Networking start back next week and will be purchasing further books. District Conference will see another 1,000 sold leaving 1,000 left to sell. With 2 Holes in One we should see many more sold.  Selling at Centro and Market Place to continue. Mary, Jennie, Charlie and Jill offering assistance.
Directors Reports:
Function Centre – some outside cleanup work to be carried out by our own Fixologist. Charlie advised the “gate” yet to receive a quote due to makers being closed for Christmas/New Year break.
International report – Liz flying to East Timor as part of the Bendigo Maubisse Friendship Committee. Liz assessing health services and promote Days for Girls. Congratulations Liz on all your efforts in this area. Also Liz is on the Registration committee for District Conference. Delivery of Big Book of Vouchers on the Friday morning for packing into the conference bags. Judy and Ian helping Liz in her role as Concierge. Ushers are required. More info closer to the Conference.
Treasurer – RACV, TAFE (needed to register as a provider), District 9800 invoices outstanding. Received payment from Violence Free Families and Poysers. Several invoices come in for approval.
Trevor advised paperwork ready for signing off at next Board meeting for the licence.
Charlie advised Rob Holden having fundraiser 30th January – let Charlie know if you wish to attend.
Colin advised RYLA session completed and our attendee will be coming to the Club to speak.
Alison to arrange Annie North representative and Ryla student as guest speakers.
Denis advised “Dads Army” cinema night in February – date tba.
Roger advised a great day at Poysers with Bob and Charlie. The Soup Kitchen roll up numbers were a little low but all ready for another year. Bob advised that formalizing the agreement would be of benefit to all as to who does what.
Swap Meet funds to be distributed shortly – meeting next week to determine – around $4,000 to come back to the club.
Hole in One – balls are painted, Cage is available for a sponsor if anyone knows of a business who would like to place a banner on the cage.
T signs – Silk Day Spa using a banner, Roger organising free storage to enable clean out containers and also signs. Hully organised a voucher from Silk Day Spa. Hully won the Gornong PS 2nd and 3rd prizes which he donated back the wheelbarrow. Thank you to Phil & Deb Symons for their commitment of providing a Serenity Motorhome Holiday for our Holes in One.
Colin organising roster and fencing – big thank you.  Charlie organising radio promotion and sorted post hole digging with Jack Lyons. Denis is coming up with guideline for the closest to the pin for the cage people. Liz looking after purchase of a first aid kit. Rob looking at OH&S. A strategy on tackling this is underway.  Tim organising some new fencing, concrete, etc.
Small prizes being purchased by Peter with the Calendar and Book of Bargains as prizes also.
Working Bee this Saturday (16th) at 9am. Set up logistics – holes, clean out containers – bring gloves, jeans, work boots as snakes are around – hopefully only a few hours required.
Setup on 22nd (Friday afternoon) main and back fences, signage, etc. Big signs to go up next Monday. Colin doing the Monday, Charlie Tuesday, Ian Sunday and Jill Saturday.  Run 10-4pm.
Congratulations to everyone for their involvement.
Mary took charge of heads and tails with Liz being the winner but unfortunately main prize still illusive.
Next week’s meeting will see the final arrangements made for our Hole in One.
Have a great week.
Yours in Rotary
President Peter